5 Times Lil Nas X Brought His MONTERO Promo To The Next Level

5 Times Lil Nas X Brought His MONTERO Promo To The Next Level

Lil Nas X is a professional troll, and his MONTERO rollout proves it! He’s come up with so many clever ways to promote the album, ranging from meme-able billboards to reality show appearances. Let’s dive into the world of MONTERO for a little refresher on the hilarious ways he’s stepped into the spotlight this year. 

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When He Brought ‘THAT’S WHAT I WANT’ To Maury 

We already loved the rollercoaster that is the ‘THAT’S WHAT I WANT’ music video, but Lil Nas X had another surprise in store when he brought the storyline onto Maury! In the music video, he falls in love with a football player named Yai before learning he’s married and has a child with Ashley. It felt like a fever dream to see the story make its way onto reality TV, but we’ll never complain about getting more Lil Nas X content. 

When He Got Sentenced To Time In Montero State Prison

Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow’s ‘INDUSTRY BABY’ was iconic before it even came out. LNX teased the prison-themed music video with a court-themed skit poking fun at his limited-edition Nike shoes, which got him into some trouble with the actual Nike brand. The credits consisting only of his name were a funny addition!

When He Put Trolling Ads On Billboards

LNX knew exactly how to get people to check out his MONTERO pre-order link, and we’re still not over the hilarious billboards he used! He posed as a lawyer to tell viewers they “may be entitled to financial compensation,” as well as joking with his LGBTQIA+ fans about being gay.

When He Made An Edit Of His Own Song

Music lovers on YouTube often make “This Song but you’re in the bathroom of a party” edits, but Lil Nas X saved them the effort and made one himself! This version of ‘MONTERO (CALL ME BY YOUR NAME)’ captures the party ambiance perfectly and we can’t get enough.

When He Made A Baby Registry

After saying he was pregnant with his new album, Lil Nas X created a fake baby registry on his website that highlighted a different charity for each song on the record. We love that he used his hype and platform to raise awareness for such important causes! 

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