Post Malone X The Weeknd Rivalry In ‘One Right Now’ Is A Music Marvel

Post Malone X The Weeknd Rivalry In ‘One Right Now’ Is A Music Marvel

We are having a hard time not obsessing over this release! Yep, ‘One Right Now’ teams Post Malone with The Weeknd and we are left starstruck at the sight of their new music video! Hyperventilating much? We surely need some paper bag to control our breathing… It’s so hot in here!

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Each and every new release from either of this dream team breaks the internet in a matter of seconds. Naturally, once we heard there was a collaboration in the works, we were hooked. Picture that! OMG, rushing to the paper bag once more… Collecting our thoughts, we are served some action-packed and blood-staining visuals in the new music video for ‘One Right Now’ directed by Tanu Muino. And let’s be honest, despite portraying deadly rivals, Post Malone and The Weeknd surely sound in sync and on point. But don’t let us simply tell you, sound off to witness some, quite literally, explosive chemistry.

And as we leave you to enjoy the crimson magic, we’ll swiftly mention that this single is setting the scene for the most anxiously awaited Post Malone’s fourth album. All the while, you can find our spot-on review of Hollywood’s Bleeding here! Hope it’ll ease the wait!

How do you feel about this new music video for ‘One Right Now?’ Are you as smitten with these two geniuses as we are? You can tell us in the comments below or via Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. And to never miss out on any buzz-worthy update, follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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Featured Image Source: Post Malone and The Weeknd via Youtube

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This article is exquisite!!! And OMG the impeccable writing!

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