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The Bees Knees Rising Stars Of Tomorrow!

The Bees Knees Rising Stars Of Tomorrow!

Who’s The Bees Knees rising stars of tomorrow? Each week, we dig all the pop music metaverse to find the rare treasures from all the corners of the world. Who’s gonna be the next big stars? The answer is below with the bunch of incredible artists we discovered lately! Scroll down for anything from guitar folk-pop to electronic ventures and smooth soul for the lonely hearts!

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Lucibelle – ‘Dibs On You’

Anyone still jamming to Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘good 4 u?’ The clashing guitars are back with one of our new weekly bands. Georgia newcomers Lucibelle just dropped a total banger! The Bees Knees rising stars reflects on how life changes, but we can throw back to the good memories. “We used to stay up through the night/Talking ’bout our thoughts and wasting time/Til the sunrise/I had a shoulder I could cry on,” Lucibelle sings on ‘Dibs On You,’ their latest single as a trio. The PVRIS-inspired band reflects on how our childhood friendships sometimes don’t last forever.

We grow up, we stand apart with the changes in our life, but the mind is still there. The feelings are so deep that it’s impossible to forget the good and the bad emotions we got through with these people who made us who we are today! The driven guitars rage in harmony with the powerful and anthemic chorus. It’s a must in your new music collection this week! Get more info on Lucibelle ‘Dibs On You’ and some extras here!

fanclubwallet – ‘That I Won’t Do’

Our wallet isn’t big enough for our faves! But there is one thing that we won’t do! We won’t forget to discover new fantastic music at The Bees Knees. Rising star fanclubwallet from Canada released a pure gem that introduce us to electronic lo-fi tones. “Maybe I can split myself in two/Maybe there’s a me that hasn’t met you/Tell you all about the things I do/But won’t do with you unless you ask me to,” sings Hannah Judge on her vulnerable project.

It’s all about the insecurities, wanting to please the social conventions and all the fears we encounter to be back on track in the crowded aspect of our lives. The twisty guitar intro experiments with Radiohead-influenced loops and sad beats. There is something that we’ll do. Indeed, click here to stream fanclubwallet’s ‘That I Won’t Do’ now!

Ama Lou – Trust Nobody’

Right on time while we have Little Mix’s Between Us compilation, we can’t get enough of these soulful ballads. The Bees Knees rising star Ama Lou offered us lately an acoustic version of her track ‘Trust Nobody.’ “If you find out, then please keep it to yourself (oh no, no, no, no)/I can’t find no peace when there’s someone else in here/See I don’t trust nobody (I don’t trust nobody)/You see I say when I bleed/But you don’t care ’bout my health, oh no (you don’t care, you don’t care, no),” the breaking London-based star opens up on the chorus.

Her polished R’n’B vocals show all the vulnerability of the song. It’s hard to rely on others in some situations and we better make our own decisions. It sets the mood for her upcoming EP At Least We Have This that you can preorder here. She’s flawless telling us stories and giving us thrilling melodies to wrap around our body and soul. ‘Trust Nobody’ is our natural comfort with the soothing piano vibes and exquisite cymbals hums. Stream here!

clovo – ‘Girls’

Let’s travel deep down to the melodic electronic pop road with The Bees Knees rising stars of the week. Under the dark neon lights and inequalities, Australian newcomer clovo unveils her debut single ‘Girls.’ The singer-songwriter pleads for justice about being a woman and how society needs to stop pushing standards on feminity. “So put me on display/And I would not obey/Think that I’m a game to play/But you don’t own me,” she hums through the synchronic beats with attitude.

Inspirational like Bebe Rexha, she’s taking a stand to tackle the issues woman sadly experiences every day of their lives. Empowering, her musical influences are diverse from Grimes to Lorde and we only can enjoy the infectious rhymes. She loves metaphors and it shows in the visuals of her debut song. How to escape your cage? Can you break it? Which sacrifices do you need to make to go beyond the traps and obstacles of life? Stream ‘Girls’ and express yourself here!

Will Hyde – ‘addicted’

A guy and a guitar. Something to charm everyone here at The Bees Knees rising artists playlist. “Yeah, I’m tearin’ myself apart now that you’re leavin’/I’m missin’ your lovin’, I think I’m addicted,” Will Hyde pleads on his new single ‘addicted’s chorus. The melancholic road isn’t that far away, reminding of the delicacies of an Anson Seabra intertwine with John Mayer-like poetic lyricism.

These nights I don’t really sleep much/Thinking ’bout how you loved/Wishin’ it was just us in this room/But it’s just me and your perfume,” he continues in the bridge, singing his ode to a long lost love, trying to cut the ties but couldn’t. Will Hyde deliver the track with plenty of sadness and emotions to show how devoted we are until it hurts so bad? Love drives us crazy and these gloomy tinted guitar riffs let the sobs come to the surface. Get ‘addicted’ to the Will Hyde song here!

Glassio – ‘If Love Is All It Takes’

This one is for every ABBA fan in us! We are in awe around New York’s Glassio projects. The Bees Knees rising star of the week dive back into the 80s with these retro organ beats. Do we think it’s a throwback to the Stranger Things musical coating? Yes! Glassio’s ‘If Love Is All It Takes’ proves that synth-pop is well alive, adding a glimpse of positivity to our rollercoaster days! Lending the place to the melodies, the producer solves all our problems with his catchy hooks.

I think I’m sorry but I can’t say why/To you/If love is all it takes/Then why I’m so blue,” he repeats on his electronic adventures. Feelings are so complicated that it’s hard to dig deep and find reasons for what happens. As the song goes up, he’s “gonna make it through” all the challenges he faces. His new track leaves an emblematic message of hope and it comforts all our senses. If you need something to cheer you up, Glassio is the remedy with his electro-pop masterpiece. Give and take all the love you can here!

Christian French – ‘Oh Well’

‘Oh Well,’ we’re so tempted to press play over and over with Christian French new track! When everything goes down, what can we do? Karma is a b*tch, but let the storm pass and see the sun someday. “guess that things won’t go my way brush my teeth getting ready for a cold, hard day it’s just another day,” he sings in this Tom Grennan-infused melodic lines. When the lows bury us, we need to step back and gain back control on what we can. It’s important to acknowledge our bad days too.

It’s only a healthy balance. He hits back to the worse things happening in his video. Does it hurt? How does this action have a bad impact? No problem, take it with a grain of salt with a little bit of humor. That’s the lesson we learned from these irresistible guitar sounds. Stream and take your flight to freedom and happiness here!

Daisy Guttridge – ‘i found you’

Any fans of Baby Queen out there? The Bees Knees rising artists roundup recommends you Daisy Guttridge. “It hits me just like déjà vu and keeps me wanting more/When love comes round sometimes it knocks you right down to the floor,” the singer kicks in with her high-pitched wonderful voice on ‘i found you.’ Daisy Guttridge’s debut solo single is a stellar journey where you encounter your soulmate. How to predict when you’ll find your perfect match? Impossible!

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Cause I’ve been just looking for someone like you That first night I looked in your eyes swear I knew,” she croons on ‘i found you’ ascending electro-pop beats that would stun every Charli XCX fan in us. The bass drums hook us like nothing else and the sonic guitars fly high on every note! Daisy Guttridge knows exactly what she wants. No matter what expectations you have, there is always someone around who fits your box. Stream the power of ‘i found you’ here.

Darla Jade – ‘Stories On The Tv’

Are you more Betty or Veronica? Carla or Lucrecia? From Riverdale to Elite, relationships are twisted fairytales. But is every relationship like this in real life? We may fall for TV heartthrobs, but the world we are in is so different! “I know, I know we got the chance/It’s hard but we’re under attack/I know I want you, ooh, ooh,” new artist on the rise Darla Jade sings like a shining diamond on her new single ‘Stories On The TV.’

With relents of CHVRCHES, we love the inspirational lyrics that twinkle like stars through the superb uplifting beats. Her crystalline vocal tones alongside the energetic guitar strums are simply magical. Exploring the classic electro-pop soundscape, she adds some glitter and electrifying riffs that give a boost to our lovely souls. Write your tales and stream Darla Jade’s new music here!

morgxn – Meridian vol.2

What about hearing some great upbeat pop this week? Our Ed Sheeran vibes are with morgxn new EP, Meridian Vol.2. Currently, on tour with Smallpools, the musician explores a world with a whole lot of possibilities. “And I don’t know care to stop it once it starts/ Spark the flame inside the chamber of my heart and levitate,” morgxn declares to his loved ones on ‘Don’t Think About It.’ His vaporous melodies are catchy and fulfil our happiness on his brilliant new EP.

His magical harmonies with Phoebe Ryan on ‘Broken People’ warm our hearts with the soft hums and the chemistry between the notes. The songs protect us like a ‘Citadel’ with the melodic strength and empowering drum bangs. If you can’t resist The Script crescendos, it’s time to ‘Burden’ your life views and reflects on what could be better. Escape to the new world with Meridian Vol.2 here!

Any takers this week? Which track robbed your heart? Share your thoughts, fears and dreams with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook and Instagram.

These tracks deliver so much serotonin, but are you craving for more? We got all that you need here!

Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor/THP Graphic Team

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