5 Songs We Hope LILHUDDY Performs During His Virtual Teenage Heartbreak Experience Show

5 Songs We Hope LILHUDDY Performs During His Virtual Teenage Heartbreak Experience Show

We at THP seriously adore LILHUDDY, and he’s giving us another reason to love him with a virtual concert celebrating his Teenage Heartbreak album on December 5th! Chase Hudson is teaming up with Moment House to make a special online show for his fans, and you can get tickets and meet and greet options here. Until then, let’s daydream about the perfect setlist! Here are five songs we’d love to see live.

‘21st Century Vampire’ 

There’s no way the Teenage Heartbreak Experience would be complete without LILHUDDY’s debut single, ‘21st Century Vampire!’ It’d be the perfect celebratory moment for him and his fans to share together and appreciate how far he’s come as an artist. 

‘Don’t Freak Out’ (Featuring iann dior, Tyson Ritter, And Travis Barker)

Maybe there will be some surprise guests on the lineup? If that’s the case, we need to hear a live version of ‘Don’t Freak Out.’ This was the pop-punk collab of the century and we’d like to formally thank Chase for getting these superstars together on one track. 

‘America’s Sweetheart’

‘America’s Sweetheart’ would be a great way to add more mellow vibes! We could see Chase singing this on acoustic guitar in the middle of the show to give him a bit of a breather between the more energetic songs. 


The Teenage Heartbreak Experience would turn into a true party with ‘Partycrasher!’ This song feels like the whirlwind of an angsty teen movie romance, with Chase insisting his partner knew what a relationship with him would entail: “broken bottles, every night’s like Friday night.”

‘The Eulogy Of You And Me’ 

‘The Eulogy Of You And Me’ delivers the ultimate morbid Blink-182 vibe! We love that the lyrics compare the end of a relationship to a funeral in such a clever way. And don’t even get us started on the chorus vocals!

What’s your favorite LILHUDDY song? You can grab your tickets to the Teenage Heartbreak Experience on Moment House’s site here and tell us what song you’re most excited to hear on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


Featured Image Source: Jordan Knight for Billboard 

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