Bad Sounds’ ‘Relief Rain’ Pours On Us Like Glitter!

Bad Sounds’ ‘Relief Rain’ Pours On Us Like Glitter!

How do you get through the fog and the rainy days? Get some rays of sunshine with delicious pop beats! Bath’s Bad Sounds’ ‘Relief Rain’ got all the umbrellas in the world to add some colorful glitter to your sad nights! Wash off your problems and only feel the good vibes!

Image Source: Jessica Greaves

Let’s Groove Tonight!

Is the weather wet outside? No problem! Dry the tears of the sky with comfy sounds! The sun will always come up when Bad Sounds’ ‘Relief Rain’ and more are here! When’s the next album? We don’t know the release date of the follow-up for Escaping Violent Time yetbut we can say so far that the beats will flow through our veins! So far, the tracks we heard are the best to chill and light up our moods. If Fickle Friends or The Vaccines are usually part of your modern playlists, make sure you add Bad Sounds too, with their bright groovy beats and light guitar riffs! Do you want a bit of soul like Arlo Parks mixed with a jazz-rock twist? ‘Move Into Me’ is such a perfect trendsetter.


Amy showers when she gets in saying it washes off the day,” Bad Sounds’ ‘Relief Rain’ kicks in within the opening first verse. We all have a bit of Amy inside of us! These bad days are over, and we just want to wash the cr*p vibes off. The reverberating vocals bring joy to our ears, and the summer vibes inundate our hearts. This is a pure bop for all Jagwar Twin and indie psych-pop fans! The drums float in synchronicity with the guitar bits in such cool melodies. Grooving like their British friends Glass Animals, ‘Relief Rain’ helps us relax and keep calm. “Heaven’s opened up on me (But I bet you get no) Showered me in Sympathy,” they fool around with their blissful vocals. They are right! This song is an absolute paradise! Let the ‘Relief Rain’ drop on you here!

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Featured Image Source: Jordan Curtis Hughes

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