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Just ‘Imagine’ These 5 BROOKLYN Songs On Your Playlist!

Just ‘Imagine’ These 5 BROOKLYN Songs On Your Playlist!

We got a hot one for you Honey Poppers! BROOKLYN is here with his third single and it slaps. Period. That’s all. Just kidding. We have discovered one of our new favorite soloists recently and he just dropped a new dope song! ‘I’m Gonna Love You’ goes right into your ear and will be stuck there forever we are afraid, but in a good way.

Given we are huge BROOKLYN stans we thought about what we could do to spread the love so come with us and ‘Imagine’ what your playlist will sound like with BROOKLYN songs on it!

‘I’m Gonna Love You’

Duh, of course, BROOKLYN’s new song has to be first on our list! ‘I’m Gonna Love You’ is our new favorite song and you should definitely put it on your playlist, believe us it’s better than you could have imagined.


It’s been a while since BROOKLYN dropped ‘Imagine’ but it aged like fine wine. Our favorite part of the song has to be that amazing and moody music video. This dance track is a must for your playlist!

‘Nothing I Won’t Do’

There is nothing we won’t do for BROOKLYN either. The man knows how to make an emotional bop and ‘Nothing I Won’t Do’ fits every playlist! BROOKLYN kind of outvocaled here. King.

‘Young Love’

Now that’s what we call a debut song. ‘Young Love’ was instant love for us. We knew this guy had potential and he is just proving it again and again with every release. The colors of the music video are so ✨aesthetic✨.

‘If You Don’t Mind’

No BROOKLYN we don’t mind you camping on our playlist for the next couple of years. And that’s why ‘If You Don’t Mind’ is finishing off this list of bops! As it is such a relatable and emotional track which is by far one of our favorites by BROOKLYN (but don’t tell anyone. 🤫)

What do you think about BROOKLYN’s new song ‘I’m Gonna Love You?’ Ready to add these songs to your playlist? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Masefield Entertainment

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