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12 Of Our Favorite Michael Clifford Solos That Have Us BEGGING For MC1

12 Of Our Favorite Michael Clifford Solos That Have Us BEGGING For MC1

Michael Clifford may be the lead guitarist for the band 5 Seconds Of Summer, but he’s so much more than that. His astronomical talent as a guitarist deserves all the hype in the world, but he’s also an outstanding gamer, an upstanding human being, and an incredible vocalist.

His bandmates, Luke and Ashton, have already released solo projects (which have been 10/10 perfection btw) we can’t help but find ourselves pining for a solo Michael project because our man deserves to be recognized for the immaculate vocals he blesses us with. A solo project would give him the recognition he deserves and would breathe new life into our tired souls.

To prove our point on how truly epic MC1 would be, we compiled a list of 12 of our favorite Michael solos from previous 5SOS songs. We would list them all if we could but let’s dive into the ones we chose!

‘Jet Black Heart’

JBH is the Michael Clifford song and also the most relatable, so of course, we had to mention it first. One of the most influential songs on the band’s sophomore album, Sounds Good Feels Good; it’s nostalgic and hits us right in the feels every time we listen to it. Not to mention the fact it gives us Michael stans some hardcore serotonin.

‘Don’t Stop’

As a fan (or band member), you either love this song, or you don’t, but what we can guarantee is everyone loves the vocals on this track, especially that iconic Michael Clifford bridge where he sings like an angel and gets us so hyped that we could punch a wall. It’s a little chaotic, but that’s the kind of energy we live for.


We’re going to throw it back a little bit here to the Somewhere New EP where this beauty lives. It’s the first EP the band ever released and is still a cult classic. ‘Unpredictable’ still reigns as one of our top songs by the band, and those flawless Michael Clifford harmonies are one of the reasons why! We still get so hyped over this song, and it’s been almost ten years.

‘Close As Strangers’

A moment of silence for this heart-shattering banger, and for Michael Clifford’s emotional solo that punches us in the face right off the bat. We’ve got to be honest, we would let this song hurt us one thousand times over for vocals like this song has. Breathtaking and hypnotizingly painful, just the way we like them!

‘Wrapped Around Your Finger’

First of all, PUT THIS SONG BACK ON U.S. SPOTIFY IMMEDIATELY! Secondly, another Michael solo that springs up from the first second without warning to sucker punch our feels, and yet again, we’d allow it a million times over if it meant we would be blessed with more Michael solos. We guess you could say Michael’s got us wrapped around his finger. *ba dum tss*

‘Why Won’t You Love Me’

‘Why Won’t You Love Me’ is on the band’s third album Youngblood, and while this is a very underrated song, it still has all the intensity and emotion as some of their biggest fan favorites. Michael has such a big moment to shine in this song, and we excitedly anticipate his part every time we listen to it. It just gets better and better! 

‘Safety Pin’

We’re not sure why this song is so underrated because it’s one of the best ones on Sounds Good Feels Good (don’t @ us, we speak nothing but facts), but it absolutely is NOT appreciated enough, and we are here to give it our undivided attention! This one consists mainly of Michael harmonies, but man, are those absolute FIRE! There’s just something about the way he sings that is so intoxicating, we can’t help but be obsessed with his vocals on this song.

‘Over And Out’

We’re not saying this is the top three of 5SOS’ most underrated songs, but that is EXACTLY what we’re saying, which also means this is one of Michael’s most underrated vocal moments. The entire second verse is dedicated to our man’s vocal talent, and if you don’t give your entire heart and soul to this song when you listen to it, then you are not listening to it correctly! Sing it with your whole chest, or you can’t sit with us.

‘Lost In Reality’

THIS SONG IS SO ICONIC! Michael completely stole our hearts when we heard this song, and still, six years later, we fully submerge ourselves in every ounce of this song like it’s the first time we’re listening to it. It’s like a special treat we get to enjoy every day of our lives, but better!

‘Story Of Another Us’

We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our favorite 5SOS song of all time, but we can confirm that the Michael part of this song is so iconic that we might write it on our tombstone. Just slap a QR code on that bad boy that links to this song – BOOM, problem solved. It’ll live on forever, like the dope af song it is, and so will we for having been blessed with something this legendary in our lifetime.

‘Everything I Didn’t Say’

Is this our favorite song on self-titled? Yes. Is it also our favorite Michael solo? Did you hear that bridge?! Of course, it is, but tbh there’s not a Michael solo we don’t like! Something about this one just hits different, and we never get tired of listening to this on repeat and never will; it’s going to be one of those classic songs for us: forever and ever.

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Ah yes, the other biggest Michael Clifford song to date! This one was such a hit, and that’s understandable because it’s an absolute bop, but Michael gets into his solo on this song, and we LIVE FOR IT. Do you understand? LIVE FOR IT. Don’t even get us started on the live version because it’s special in its own right, and we will never recover from it.

Michael Clifford
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There you have it, 5SOSFam! 12 Michael Clifford solos that prove we need MC1 IMMEDIATELY! We are simps for this man, and we need to shower him with love and appreciation for all the things he’s amazing at, but especially for his angelic vocals. So Michael, what do ya say? Think we can expect a solo project anytime soon? 🥺👉👈

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Which Michael solo is your favorite? Did it make our list? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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