Abby Sage Got The Cure To Your ‘Fever Dream’

Abby Sage Got The Cure To Your ‘Fever Dream’

Does your confidence go up and down like a rollercoaster? Are the fears burning inside of you when you are at the start of a blossoming relationship? Does your life feel real? Abby Sage’s ‘Fever Dream’ path to doubts and happiness is true with her new EP Fears of Yours & Mine. From meeting at the ‘Smoke Break’ to asking for space, she’s following the musical traces of fellow Canadian Lennon Stella’s successes.

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Forever And Ever!

So what’s the deal with your false hope/Give me a bad case of vertigo/I’ll take my time hope you don’t mind, Abby Sage kicks in with R’n’B grooves on ‘Smoke Break.’ It’s the beginning of the end when we try to fix things up and our relationship becomes messy. We’re so hooked that we just don’t wanna give up on the love we share. Abby Sage’s ‘Fever Dream’ represents how we only want to stay and possessively need the other half of our world. She gracefully expresses it through her lyrics. “And we’ll dance alone til the streets turn to ash/And the skies break like glass So it all fades to black/I’m helplessly yours,” she sings with her angelic voice, reminiscing of Ingrid Michaelson’s melancholic tones. Love is forever!

Power And Sadness

Abby Sage Fears Of Yours And Mine celestial folk-pop production keeps enveloping the space around us thanks to Renforshort collaborator Jeff Hazin’s magic wand having control on the sound console. It’s not only Abby Sage’s ‘Fever Dream,’ but it’s also sitting in our world, ‘Residing In The Sky.’ After a break-up, we are torn between our values and being proud of them and the fact we are so sad about the things we left behind. “Do I really need to beg you to stay/I want you/Is it that hard to see/Is it that hard to tell,” she turns her mind all opened for us on ‘When I Leave.’ She goes deep with her words and acoustic guitar soft hums. It’s perfect to please Holly Humberstone’s fans! Her shy and angelic harmonies make it all so beautiful. Stream Abby Sage Fears Of You And Mine here!

What dreams would you want to have come true? Any particular tracks you fell for on Abby Sage’s new EP? Let us know what you think on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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