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Dive into PoppySphere, Poppy’s New App Just for Fans

Dive into PoppySphere, Poppy’s New App Just for Fans

Coming in time for the gift-giving season, Poppy got just the present for all her fans. Get ready to dive into Poppy’s world like never before with her new app, PoppySphere! This app gives a whole new way for fans to interact with all things Poppy through a virtual 8-bit universe. Talk about retro! We’re pretty sure you’re itching to know more, so we’re going to give you the 4-11 on all things PoppySphere.

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So what exactly is PoppySphere, you ask?

PoppySphere is a new app launched by Poppy herself in partnership with HIFI Labs. In all its virtual glory, this 8-bit world was created for fans, giving them a unique way to interact with each other in the fandom. In other words, Poppysphere is like a home base for all fans where, as the queen Poppy herself says, “the possibilities are endless!”

A fully customizable virtual space to hang out and talk with the PoppySphere one on one. The possiblities are endless so make yourself at home!


Information on PoppySphere. Image Source via HIFI Labs on Twitter.
Image Source: via HIFI Labs on Twitter

While the metaverse of PoppySphere is still growing, it does have plenty to offer. Users can customize their avatar, vibe out with other players in the chat box, play some games, and explore the different 8-bit themed rooms. Even more, since PoppySphere is pretty new, fans can actually help spice up the universe by submitting their own artwork, games, music, or even design rooms.

So, how can you join PoppySphere?

Image Source: via HIFI Labs on Google Play Store

Easy! The app is available for iOS and Android on the App Store and Google Play. Thus, you can use your tablet or phone to explore the realm of PoppySphere to your heart’s desire.

Need some tunes? Check out Poppy’s songs based on your gaming style!

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To further enhance your gaming experience, we at THP suggest listening to some of Poppy’s music from her newest album, Flux.

For those who take their sweet time customizing everything

And we mean everything! Your avatar has to be one point, detailed from head to toe. Bonus points if after you decide to create some custom content.

For those who can spend literal hours chatting with other players…

Because the gameplay is nice, but it’s the human connection that you crave. After all, you might end up meeting your twin flame online.

For the mingame lover…

It’s why you downloaded the game after all. To play, duh!

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Excited to dive into the all Poppy aesthetic virtual world? Let us know how you’re liking the new app in the comments. Or if that’s not your Jam, hit us up on our Instagram or Twitter!

Psst! Need new music to listen to? No prob, bestie; we got you!


Featured Image Source: Poppy via Erika Astrid/Press

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