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Monsta X Proves Their Talent Is Limitless With New Mini Album No Limit

Monsta X Proves Their Talent Is Limitless With New Mini Album No Limit

Known for their killer vocal and rap lines as well as their captivating stage performances, KPOP Kings Monsta X have set the standard sky high once again with their new mini album No Limit. Released on November 19th, 2021, Monsta X’s no-skip seven-track album drives full speed straight into Monbebe’s heart. 

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The Boys Are Back And They’ve Brought Their Crowns

Just this year alone Monsta X has released three albums! Not to mention their upcoming second English album The Dreaming—set to drop December 10th, 2021—and their upcoming movie event which will premiere globally on December 9th and 11th. Our hearts have been working hard to keep up with every Monsta X announcement!

It looks like we aren’t the only ones excited for Monsta X’s newest release. The new mini album No Limit is already adding to the group’s list of successes. It settled in nicely at No. 23 on U.S. iTunes Albums/All Genres chart and No. 1 on the KPOP Albums chart. While first-day album sales hit over 110,000 copies, a new record for the powerhouse group. It really is Monsta X’s world and we are just living in it. There’s a lot of love pouring in for No Limit and we are here for it!

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“Eat This!”

Joohoney has done it again with his second title track ‘Rush Hour.’ This thrill ride of a song is perfectly accented by each member’s show-stopping performance. From the first whistle that elicits a cowboy western feel, to Minhyuk’s passionate “baby we’re just getting started now,” to Kihyun’s high notes that take us into the chorus, ‘Rush Hour’ is a non-stop shot of pure adrenaline. 

The second Joohoney produced track on No Limit—‘I got love’—bookends the versatile mini album with a happy upbeat vibe. A groovy guitar strums away before Joohoney’s iconic voice overlaps, welcoming fans to No Limit’s catchy send-off track. 

Additionally, Monsta X’s last mini album One Of A Kind gave us our first title track by Joohoney titled ‘Gambler.’ The masterpiece of a song earned Monsta X an MTV VMA nomination so we can’t wait to see what ‘Rush Hour’ will accomplish. One thing is for sure: Joohoney Onehunnit doesn’t miss.

Bonus ‘Rush Hour’ Fact

Monbebe, look closely at Monsta X’s choreography and you’ll find a cute easter egg. Leader Shownu—who enlisted for mandatory military service in July 2021—is known for a certain move that has been coined the “Lamb Skewer.” Monsta X incorporated this into the ‘Rush Hour’ choreography! According to Joohoney, it was added to feel as though the group is “always together.” Could Monsta X get any sweeter?

Have ‘Mercy’ On Monbebe

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Meme King and velvety vocalist Hyungwon also has a track on this mini album titled ‘Mercy.” If we’re honest, we are all at Monsta X’s mercy especially when it comes to this new mini album. Hyungwon stated during the Monsta X No Limit Comeback Show that ‘Mercy’ is an extension of his previous song ‘Nobody Else’ from the album Fatal Love, and that it expresses “desperation and sorrow.” 

‘Mercy’ is the moodiest track on the album, leading us in with a chilling piano, slow synths and Hyungwon’s melancholic voice. Hyungwon wrote this song so that “others who wanted to listen to depressing songs can enjoy,” and who doesn’t need a sad song to listen to while staring dramatically out of the window sometimes? 

We Just Wanna Love I.M.

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Equally charming is I.M. ‘s track ‘Just love.’ The song is stamped with his signature low-fi R&B sound and we can’t get enough. Sexy and sweet lyrics take fans on a sonic flight to the heavens as Monsta X sings about focusing on the love between two people instead of the pain in the world around them. 

“Love someone with all your heart even if the moment won’t last forever,” I.M. told fans at the Comeback Show. With words like that no wonder Monbebe can’t help but swoon! 

Upcoming Releases

Less than one month from now fans will be graced with yet another Monsta X album. The Dreaming will be the group’s second English album after All About Luv which peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart, making Monsta X only the 3rd K-Pop group to chart within the top 10. This will come alongside the premiere of their concert documentary film Monsta X: The Dreaming showing in Korean theaters on December 8th and in theaters worldwide on December 9th and 11th. 

See Also

If you’re eagerly awaiting a chance to glimpse the Monsta X boys in person then grab your ticket for one of their tour stops! They will be performing at four iHeartRadio Jingle Ball shows (Philadelphia, PA, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, GA, and Miami, FL) before setting off on their MONSTA X: 2022 World Tour in New York City and ending at The Forum in Los Angeles. 

Watch the music video for their single ‘One Day’ off their upcoming English album The Dreaming.

Find out where to get tickets for their upcoming global movie release be sure to check out the info for Monsta X’s second full English album The Dreaming!

Which No Limit track do you have on repeat? Which song are you looking forward to seeing performed live? Let us know in the comments, tweet us @thehoneypop or leave a comment on our Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT

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