5 Of Our Favorite Kihyun Covers

5 Of Our Favorite Kihyun Covers

It’s no secret that Kihyun—from charismatic K-POP group Monsta X—is a power vocalist, fans have said it, even other idols have said it. But outside of official Monsta X music he further shows off his infinite vocal talent with various covers. We love every cover Kihyun has dropped but here are five of our favorites.

‘Little Bit Of Love’ By Tom Grennan

Disney Princes move out of the way, King Kihyun has arrived. The dazzling ‘Little Bit of Love’ cover was filmed on a breathtaking beach that sets a perfect backdrop for Kihyun’s moving performance. It’s no surprise that his dynamic vocals have us mesmerized, we can’t help but love the little rasp he adds too. Even Tom Grennan himself retweeted Kihyun’s cover and left a comment on the original Instagram post!

‘Acid Dreams’ By MAX (Ft. Felly)

There’s nothing we love more than watching artists fully enjoy themselves while performing. Seeing our faves happy makes us happy. The joy emanating from Kihyun as he belts his soul into the microphone is contagious, even the drummer was impressed by his vocals here! Kihyun’s groovy cover of ‘Acid Dreams’ further establishes him as an incredibly versatile artist. 

‘Natural’ By Imagine Dragons

First things first, if you weren’t already convinced we need a Kihyun solo album, this cover will change that. Hearing Kihyun’s warm tone whisper the bridge brings to mind two words: intense and chill-inducing. As a big fan of Imagine Dragons, Kihyun has covered multiple songs of theirs so be sure to check out those too!

‘Bad’ By Christopher

One word: falsetto! Monbebes already know that Kihyun is stellar when it comes to hitting and sustaining high notes but hearing it on the lyrics “my baby’s bad, you know” just hits different. But this performance doesn’t just provide magnificent vocals, we also get to witness Kihyun kill it on stage in a leather jacket and a bandana on his waist. What more could you want? 

‘Versace on the Floor’ By Bruno Mars

Monsta X performed this iconic song on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook and needless to say, Monbebes’ hearts all over the world melted due to the heat. Kihyun takes control of the song like it is his own. His confidence shows through in his smooth vocal control, runs and all-around top-notch performance. We also get to hear some beautiful vocal runs by none other than all-rounder Joohoney.

Bonus: ‘Next Level’ By aespa 

Though it’s not an official cover, we had to include the now legendary cover of ‘Next Level’ by Joohoney and Kihyun. Here, Kihyun acts as more of a hype man for Joohoney’s enthusiastic show but just wait for Kihyun’s high notes, you won’t be disappointed. You will also witness I.M. experience a wide range of emotions in the span of less than four minutes while watching his members’ performances. We love Monsta X for their sharp choreography and musical talent but also moments like these! This is pure entertainment at its finest. 

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Which song do you wish Kihyun would cover next? Let us know in the comments, tweet us @thehoneypop or leave a comment on our Instagram!




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