We Love To Take Flight Risk For Tommy Lefroy

We Love To Take Flight Risk For Tommy Lefroy

Who’s Tommy Lefroy? Is it a painter? A politician? Nope! It’s your fav new girl alt-folk duet, which name is inspired by Jane Austen’s ex-lover! The musicians spread magic on everything they touch. We never fear Tommy Lefroy’s Flight Risk. We know it’s going to be a cool dreamy journey through love, serenity, and fever dreams.

Image Source: Knievel Press

The Hopeless Wordsmiths

How to survive the rollercoaster scheme of a relationship? Just keep in mind the other half would say “You’ll never leave me,” as Tommy Lefroy harmonizes in the opening interlude. Less than a minute later, we find ‘The Cause’ of all our addictions. It’s obviously a Flight Risk we take for Tommy Lefroy. Roll on the cymbals in soft cries on the tracks from the duet’s new EP. Singing like angels, let’s wink to Phoebe Bridgers‘ inspirations. We are all “Hopeless wordsmith” inside of us. “I wanted something honest/And you spoke with conviction, I started singing along,” they invite us to come together as one with their passionate guitar hums on ‘The Cause.’

Be Wild!

Is there any special recipe to make the perfect song? Well, if you are in love with the classics and mix it with Taylor Swift’s folklore era, you’ll get Tommy Lefroy’s Flight Risk. How we wish this cover would have appeared on the EP! Let your hair blow in the wind and enjoy this Tom Petty cover in the wild! Does this version of ‘Wildflower’ give justice to the original? We absolutely put our thumbs up for it!

A ‘Mortals’ Chemistry!

Hopping from one track to another on Tommy Lefroy’s Flight Risk, we can only think of Maisie Peters melancholic vibes. The simple guitar strums and the vocal chemistry between both singers, it’s like ‘Vampire’ sucking our blood, it’s addictive! “My bones and veins had to learn to be brave,” Tommy Lefroy shares on ‘Mortals.’ Surrounding the Greek statues at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the project trace their path with their message of hope and strength through the challenges of life. Stream Tommy Lefroy’s Flight Risk and discover more here!

What’s the biggest risk you have taken in your life? Do you have any particular person you want to give your all without taking the dangers into consideration? Share with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: courtesy of Knievel Press

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