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7 Performances By Twenty One Pilots To Get You Excited For The Icy Tour 2022

7 Performances By Twenty One Pilots To Get You Excited For The Icy Tour 2022

Twenty One Pilots are not just brilliant songwriters and unbelievably talented musicians, but they are also incredible performers. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have put on amazing live performances over the years, from tours to festivals, and they never fail to leave us speechless. The duo gets huge on stage. They definitely feel the music in their veins, and they always make us feel the same while watching them.

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The good news is that The Icy Tour, which will take place in Summer 2022, will bring our favorite duo back on the road. The tour will begin in St. Paul and will take them around North America, where they will play for their fellow Clique members. We’re here as The Honey POP to convince you to see Twenty One Pilots on The Icy Tour 2022.

the icy tour
Image Source: Ashley Osborn
‘Chlorine’ Live At Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2019

‘Chlorine’ is Twenty One Pilots’ fifth single off Trench. As soon as we heard the song, we fell in love with the lyrics and the beat. Nobody can doubt Tyler Joseph’s lyrical brilliance, and when combined with Josh Dun’s drumming, they’re unstoppable. To be honest, we’re still recovering from this ‘Chlorine’ performance. Tyler’s voice, Josh’s drumming, and the stage set-up are all *chef’s kiss*, even though it’s strange to watch Twenty One Pilots live without the crowd screaming the words.

HeavyDirtySoul’ Live At The Forum, Takeover Tour 2021

All respect to Twenty One Pilots! ‘HeavyDirtySoul’ is a hard song to sing, a hard song to play drums for but this duo nails it every time. This performance at the Forum is an excellent illustration of what to expect from The Icy Tour. Let’s face it, we’d all give anything to be in that audience for this performance.

‘Trees’ Live At Lollapalooza Brasil 2019

Oh, to jump with Tyler Joseph with tears in our eyes when the beat drops in ‘Trees.’ We should point out that this is a festival, which means that not everyone was there to see our duo (which is a shame), but they managed to make the audience forget about it and vibe with them. So, can we please take a moment and appreciate this stage presence? Twenty One Pilots’ ‘Trees’ is one of the songs that fans love to hear live, and their performance at Lollapalooza Brasil explains why.

‘Goner’ Live at Fox Theater

‘Goner’ is a huge classic from Twenty One Pilots’ fourth studio album, Blurryface. This song shakes us every time we listen to it as if we’re hearing it for the first time. That effect never gets old. However, the live version of ‘Goner’ hits different. Nope, we refuse to leave this world without listening to this song live at least once. Maybe we can make our dreams come true with The Icy Tour?

‘Migraine’ Live From The Emotional Roadshow World Tour

This song has been a part of our lives for a while now, thus it holds a special place in our hearts.  It’s also a must-see for a Twenty One Pilots show. There is a lovely tradition behind the live performance of ‘Migraine.’ The first part of the song is usually sung by the audience. Tyler isn’t singing, Josh isn’t playing the drums, and all you can hear is a room full of people screaming the song’s lyrics at their comfort band. THE GOOSEBUMPS WE GET EVERY SINGLE TIME.

‘Car Radio’ Live At iHeartRadio Music Festival 2016

Ah, good old ‘Car Radio.’ When will we get over you? Probably never, right? Especially when Twenty One Pilots totally rocks it live. This is Another performance where we should applaud Josh Dun for his drumming skills. ‘Car Radio’ is also the song that Tyler does his iconic climbing which gives us major anxiety but it is a huge part of the show! 

‘Shy Away’ Live At Ball Arena, Takeover Tour 2021 

Shy Away’ is the first single from the duo’s most recent studio album, Scaled And Icy. You can stream the album from here. And of course, we expect to hear it live in The Icy Tour, especially after we watch this performance. Everything about it is incredible: the visuals, the music, Tyler’s vocals, Josh’s drumming, and all the energy.

The Icy Tour
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The tour’s tickets will go on sale on November 24th, and you can get all the information you need here. Which performance of Twenty One Pilots is your favorite? Which song you cannot wait to hear live? Did we do a good job getting you excited for The Icy Tour

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Words By: Nazlıcan Ay and Delany Gorr

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