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Inside Adele’s 30-Year-Old Soul: Here’s the Most Powerful Lyrics From 30

Inside Adele’s 30-Year-Old Soul: Here’s the Most Powerful Lyrics From 30

ADELE IS BAAAAAAAACK! We’re sorry, but we’ve been holding it inside for the past six years. Adele finally answered our prayers and released her new album, 30. Adele’s 30 is about rediscovering your own self after a very tough period in your life. As a result, it’s no surprise that this album was the final missing piece in our Sad Girl Autumn puzzle, and it fit perfectly! While listening to Adele’s new album, we sobbed, we sobbed even harder, and we realized the value of self-reliance. Of course, the album’s vocals take our breath away, but we’re talking about Adele. We couldn’t have expected anything else. However, we didn’t expect such a large number of powerful lyrics.

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I’ll be taking flowers to the cemetery of my heart / For all of my lovers in the present and in the dark

Adele starts her new album 30 with an empowering, yet emotional track, ‘Strangers By Nature.’ The song, particularly the lyrics that open it, indicate that she is finally ready to speak about her experiences. Despite her wounds, she has recovered to the point that we can have this talk with her. She doesn’t look back with sorrow in her eyes. Instead, she knows she has lost a lot, but she is ready to make peace with her past.

I changed who I was to put you both first / But now I give up

Easy On Me,’ the second track of the album, was the silence-breaker of Adele’s six years hiatus from music, and yes, we still couldn’t get over this song. Women are expected to put themselves in the background in society, especially if they are wives and mothers. Women have always been subjected to this expectation, which is now even excused as “woman nature.” Adele recognizes putting everyone else before herself as her biggest mistake throughout the album, particularly in this song. The minute she realizes she needs to be herself, to put herself first for her son, she begins to see life in a new light.

My little love / Tell me, do you feel the way my past aches?

‘My Little Love’ shattered our hearts into million pieces, especially with the voice notes between Adele and her son, Angelo. With the third track of 30, she becomes incredibly vulnerable and you can feel this vulnerability in your bones as you listen to the end of the song. However, especially these lyrics hurt us most, when you think about Adele coming from a broken home, also. Children of divorced parents never want their own child to go through something like this, and Adele’s song demonstrates that she wanted her son to have the finest family possible. Despite this, she believes she has failed. Her main concern, though, remains her kid, and she wants to ensure that he is not experiencing the same feelings that she did as a child.

When will I begin to feel like me again? / I’m hanging by a thread / My skin’s paper-thin, I can’t stop wavering / I’ve never been more scared

With ‘Cry Your Heart,’ Adele hits the rock bottom but hitting rock bottom means you can’t go any deeper. Throughout this song of Adele’s 30, we see two sides of her: the optimist and the pessimist. She tells about how weak she feels and how afraid she is in the verses, but she eventually realizes that pouring your heart out has a therapeutic impact. Well, we can relate to you, queen, don’t worry.

I’m a fool, but they all think I’m blind / I’d rather be a fool than leave myself behind

‘Oh My God’ is the fifth track of Adele’s 30. You see her slowly moving on with this song. She is finally in charge of her life, and she begins to prioritize herself. This is a healing anthem, and we’re here for it!

I will beg and I’ll steal, I will borrow / If I can make, if I can make your heart my home

After going through a divorce, it can be so hard to find a new love that feels true. With ‘Can I Get It,’ Adele is telling us that she doesn’t want to waste her precious time and she wants to love again, fully. You deserve it, girl! 

Why am I obsessin’ about the things I can’t control? / Why am I seekin’ approval from people I don’t even know?

‘I Drink Wine,’ from Adele’s album 30, is another song with a lot of vulnerability. She expresses her insecurities in crystal clear words. Despite this, she continues to show us that she is trying and growing by being entirely herself once more. She doesn’t want to be consumed by things she can’t change, and she wants to begin living just for herself. We love her so much for that!

The sight of you is dramatic, one glimpsе and I panic inside / I get lost in our hours ’cause you possess powers I can’t fight

So far, we’ve discovered that Adele’s new album 30 is about healing and rediscovering yourself. Having an exciting love can, of course, be a part of the process. She first lets us know that she is ready to love again with ‘Can I Get It,’ and with this song, we notice that she loved again.

I know that you’ve been hurt before / That’s why you feel so insecure / I begged you to let me in ’cause I only want to be the cure

‘Woman Like Me’ is an amazing song! Not only her vocals but also her lyrics are strong as hell! This is the only song we get to hear written from Adele’s rage, and the lyrics couldn’t be more accurate. What are we going to do about the feminine urge to heal wounded men, only to have our hearts destroyed in the process? Please, Adele, show us the way out. 

Hold on / You are still strong / Love will soon come / Just hold, hold on

Let’s be honest, we needed a song like ‘Hold On’ in this extremely emotional album. This is the hopeful anthem of Adele’s 30. As a woman who has been there, she advises us to hang in there and we will find love again. Adele encourages us to keep our heads up in the 10th track of her new album, just like she heard it from her friends when she needed it the most (after she made us cry for 40 minutes). It’s all right, Adele, we forgive you! 

I’ll never learn if I never leap / I’ll always yearn if I never speak

‘To Be Loved’ is one of the most beautiful songs we have ever heard. She’s wrapping everything up with this song, yet it’s almost as if she’s praying. In the 11th song, she realizes that she needs to find herself, no matter what it takes. Realizing this is such a powerful thing. All respect! 

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I can love, I can love again / I love me now, like I loved him

‘Love Is A Game,’ everyone! But the question is, does Adele play games? NOPE! Adele’s 30 is such a powerful and empowering album, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending. We finally get to see Adele in her full self-awareness on the final song. She doesn’t get to her final, self-loving state by ignoring everything she’s been through; in fact, it’s the exact opposite. She states that she learned from each of her mistakes and as a result, she now loves herself more than she has in the past.

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We can’t get over Adele’s 30 and it looks like it won’t happen for a long time now. You can join us and stream 30 from here. So, which song made you a crying mess? Tell us in our comments, and over on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Don’t forget to join our Discord server, The Hive, where we hype about all new music releases!

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