KAYTRANADA’s Intimidated Grooves Are Killing It!

KAYTRANADA’s Intimidated Grooves Are Killing It!

The swag is on! KAYTRANADA’s Intimidated grooves are moving on up and we can’t resist. The Montreal producer sound nuggets feel bigger and better on his brilliant new EP out now! To celebrate the release, create your own choreographies and dance to the best mixes! Get the party started!

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Can we build a time machine? KAYTRANADA may be inspired by modern electronics, but he also creates a warp in time with this stunning collaboration with Kali Uchis that won a GRAMMY for Best Dance Recording. The creativity that KAYTRANADA’s Intimidated shows come from his incredible previous work like this track, ‘10%.’ The seventies era still lives inside of us. Any drips of Earth, Wind, and Fire, anyone? The sultry vocals and swag aesthetic are on repeat for us!

‘The Worst In Me’

How to make a deal with the devil? Or may we say with an angel? One of KAYTRANADA’s highlights is definitely that psychedelic electronica venture starring the one and only Tinashe. ‘The Worst In Me’ is the club anthem every DJ should have to put some glitter on the dancefloor!


Are there any James Blake fans out here? The passion for quick steps and dreamy waves is here with KAYTRANADA’s ‘Freefall.’ The producer crafts solid loops and production that taints our lives with such inspiration. His basics are simple, effective and it’s also transposed brilliantly on KAYTRANADA’s Intimidated new work of art!


We all want to learn the “scratch” DJ technique on this KAYTRANADA’s Intimidated EP precursor. Back in February, we had the chance to hear ‘Caution’ where synth met jazz experimentations. In between Radiohead’s KID A MNESIAinfused beats and blossoming electronics, we feel the old-school disco essence. Light the ballroom ceiling ball and jive to the rhythms.


Kicking off with the title track, KAYTRANADA’s Intimidated EP represents his world from the past to the future. The record is three tracks of pure auditive pleasure, enlist one of our tipped artists of the year H.E.R, Thundercat, and Mach-Hommy. Go with the flow and appreciate the smooth club-like rhythms, raps, and sweet vocal harmonies. His diversity is the best thing we can keep in our memories. It’s raw, honest, and so creative. Listen to Intimidated here.

What’s grooving for you today? Any thoughts on Kaytranada’s Intimidated three-tracks EP? Share the love with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook and Instagram.

The Honey Pop has all the grooves! Check it out here!


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