Visit Sea Girls ‘Hometown’ Anytime!

Visit Sea Girls ‘Hometown’ Anytime!

Home is where the heart is! Of course, it’s physically where we live, but also where we find comfort and our safe space. Sea Girls’ ‘Hometown’ got these loving vibes. What can we expect from their sophomore album? From what we heard, more edgy guitars and anthemic riffs are on the way! Let’s take our guesses on how the future will sound for the amazing British band!

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The Close Connection!

For many bands, the connection they make with people is so important. “Our fans make it feels like home,” the band cites on their recent YouTube Brixton At Night – Homesick Documentary. Sea Girls are right! The moment we all gather in a crowd, in a small or huge venue, we become instantly a family. Fans are part of the process. The love and the passion are what elevate our favs songwriting. Sea Girls’ ‘Hometown’ is that infectious song that brings us together, somewhere in between classic The Killers riffs and modern indie as Inhaler proved in the last year. Feel the moment and watch the short ode from Sea Girls to their loyal supporters below.

Teen Nostalgia

Through the stellar and edgy guitar riffs, Sea Girls ‘Hometown’ is a trip back to memory lane, reminiscing on what’s in the first place. From being a small kid to living your dreams, there is always a place where you belong. “In our hometown your old man’s singing/His heart out to Sinatra swinging/That’s life and Tuesday’s gloomy/On Fridays a school friend’s using,” they chant with pride on the energetic chorus. Our inner teenage years will always be a solid part of who we are. It’s our ‘Hometown.’ We are so obsessed by the fast-paced indie guitar slides and the smashing drums that revigorates our mood! Run through Sea Girls’ ‘Hometown’ nostalgia here!

What do you love the most about your ‘Hometown?’ What makes it so special? Let us know what you think about the Sea Girls track and share your ideas with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook and, Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Blackksocks

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