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8 Songs By Hey Violet Your Playlist Needs

8 Songs By Hey Violet Your Playlist Needs

Who would have thought that when sisters Rena and Nia Lovelis were born, they would get together with their best friend Casey Moreta and become one of our favorite bands? They’ve been making music under the name Hey Violet since 2015, and even though we all wish there was more music – one new song every Fresh Music Friday if possible, please – there are more than enough songs to blast out your speakers. Here are eight Hey Violet songs you want to add to your playlist ASAP!

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‘Smash Into You’

Oh oops, hi, we didn’t see you there. Sorry for smashing into you, but now that we have your attention, please allow us to introduce you to the first song, ‘Smash Into You!’ This uptempo song is all about going headfirst into a passionate romance, which perfectly describes our relationship with Hey Violet and is the best way to start your playlist. Who doesn’t need a bit of romance in their life?


‘Sway’ is one of three songs from Hey Violet’s new EP Deep End. And a special one, that is sure! When the other songs had an early release or release as a single, ‘Sway’ was released hours before Hey Violet’s first online acoustic show, only for it to completely win our hearts. The normal version is just as good, if not better, and makes us ‘Sway’ all day long.


‘Clean’ is all about trying to look happy upfront when in reality, you are not. In the song, Hey Violet talks about trying to clean yourself from somebody. But honestly, all we really need is this happy beat to cheer us up when we’re feeling down. This makes ‘Clean’ the best cure to what it’s all about and a song that shouldn’t be missing in your playlist.

‘Can’t Take Back The Bullet’

And even if we could, we wouldn’t, because that means we would miss out on this banger of a song. ‘Can’t Take Back The Bullet’ is the Hey Violet song to put on and scream along to when you just told your professor that your groupmates didn’t do their work – or when you finished your Duolingo streak just in time and escaped the owl. It totally helps you to get that feeling of triumph. Not convinced yet? Give it a listen, and let us know @TheHoneyPOP what you think!


If you’re expecting a song as clean and pure as the song name, you are reading the wrong article – and listening to the wrong band. ‘Pure’ is all about completely giving in to that one person. It puts love in a different perspective compared to songs such as ‘Brand New Moves,’ which shares the EP with ‘Pure.’ Once again, Hey Violet prove that they can write about anything and make it feel like we experienced it.


We’ve all been there. Our first love and our first heartbreak. With ‘Hoodie,’ Hey Violet perfectly describe all the feelings we went through when you only have that one thing of them left in your hands, creating a feeling we didn’t know we needed. It proves that we’re all experiencing the same feelings, even our favs, and gets you through any downs you’re experiencing.

‘Brand New Moves’

With ‘Brand New Moves’ being the calmer song of the Brand New Moves EP, it’s perfect for the moments you need to focus on work or studying – success not guaranteed, since the song still makes us want to jump out of our chair and dance along. It sets a sound we, at The Honey POP, definitely love. So, are you ready to show your playlist a brand new Hey Violet song?

‘Queen Of The Night`

In ‘Queen Of The Night,’ the vocalist Rena sings, “All my friends say you’re dangerous, but I don’t f*cking care.” If you add this song to your playlist, believe us, this is how you will feel about your playlist when you tell your friend you became an ultraviolet (a Hey Violet stan). Because there is no way you’re not turning into one after you heard this song. The meaning of the song, always being honest and improving yourself, has been dedicated to all their queens of the nights – and now also to you.

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Go give your playlist a refreshing update with these eight songs, and tell us your favorite Hey Violet song in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP. For more exciting updates on pop culture news, be sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

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