Alesso Is Blowing Our Minds With ‘Somebody To Use!’

Alesso Is Blowing Our Minds With ‘Somebody To Use!’

Ladies, Gentlemen, and people. Alesso has done it again! The wonderful mind of one of the favorite musicians in the world has brought us a new night world with ‘Somebody To Use!’ He is the star we are chasing and we won’t ever be tired of.

We Have Chosen Our 2021 Jam!

The incredible mix of beats is taking us into a ‘Midnight‘ unique experience that has us waiting for the night to jam to the stunning track with the wind playing with our hair and the city lights coloring our sights. ‘Somebody To Use’ is another breaking track that proves to us how talented Alesso is, and why he deserves all the love we give to him. We can’t wait to hear this tune at the clubs and every party.

Can We Be In Love With A Song?

The new anthem of the night has brought us new energy while listening to the song, that we are hoping won’t leave our bodies! Also, the catchy and addictive melody and emotion that puts you through is just something incomparable. We are being hypnotized by Alesso and his talent!

Not only has the song become our favorite thing in the world, but the visualizer our king created for this song, is blow-minding. Showing us a love story in a modern animated world, we are traveling while we feel this song in our bones with the talent of Alesso.

How are you feeling after listening to this masterpiece? Are you in love with it like us? Tell us everything in the comments and don’t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop! Or you can drop us a message on Facebook and Instagram too!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Kevin Young

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