Jalle ‘I’m Sorry’ I’m Too Addicted To Your Songs!

Jalle ‘I’m Sorry’ I’m Too Addicted To Your Songs!

What’s on the rise lately? We discover tons of artists, but we’re pretty sure you’ll be hooked to this one! Jalle presents the I’m Sorry EP with eclectic inspirations from punk to pop and acoustic R’n’B. He does gigs with another one of our other favorites, WORRYWORRY, and we only can love his influences more!

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Eclectic Boost!

Don’t go, open your heart to me/Cuz I’ll leave you broken in the deep,” Jalle’s I’m Sorry EP starts on ‘Hate Me.’ Somewhere in between Twenty One Pilots and YUNGBLUD, we love the sensibility of the Nottingham, England, newcomer. Sour ends happen, right? Relationships are made of arguments, made-up words, then when hate comes around, we have to cut ties, sadly. Jalle paints his feeling through his grooves and it’s more and more obvious in the acoustic version of it! It’s also cool to see how the artist develops his sounds from different backgrounds. ‘Punk’ is further proof of it with his energetic guitar riffs! Writing is a way for Jalle to express all of his feelings and we are addicted to his songs so far. It’s a boost of contagious energy!

Don’t Crash Down, You Are Strong!

Don’t go, open your heart to me/Cuz I’ll leave you broken in the How do you cope when you break up? Maybe it’s so hard that you feel like a couch potato and don’t want to do anything? That’s what we found on Jalle’s I’m Sorry track ‘Lazybones’ featuring Swedish alt-pop artist Boy Destroy. Despite the serious and sad purpose of the song, the duet found their way to create such an upbeat and cool breeze song! Fans of Inhaler and Bastille would love these jangly guitars and electro-pop vibes! Jalle’s I’m Sorry keeps shining through the dark and ends with the very emotional and deep ‘Blame Myself.’ We are in a world where we want to please our loved ones and family, but it’s hard, and we often confront them. When we lose these people, we can’t go back in time and feel regret about it. So how do we move on through the guilty feelings? That’s what Jalle reflects on in ‘Blame Myself.’

Lovely isn’t it? What do you think about Jalle’s new music? Get your copy of the EP here and let us know what your favorite track is on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook and Instagram.

Do you fancy some more hectic and wonderful sounds? Check it out here!


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