MAXINE’s Minor Felt Major Hit The Notes Hard!

MAXINE’s  Minor Felt Major Hit The Notes Hard!

How do you feel when you make mistakes in a relationship? Even if you failed to succeed in keeping the bond, let’s say that trials and errors are the best way to grow up as a human. MAXINE understands it right on Minor Felt Major’s debut EP. Listen to cloud nine Zara Larsson-inspired ambient pop that fulfills all our dreamy moods. Here’s a breakdown of our fav songs below.

‘Help Myself’

You got me trippin’ when you talk to someone else/Go through your phone and just get jealous like I’m twelve/And usually I don’t do this,” MAXINE sings on ‘Help Myself.’ One of the most brilliant tracks of Minor Felt Major unleashes the kid in us. Sometimes we are so jealous and want to grip the hand of our lost love tightly. The Little Mix vibes haunt us on that beautiful upbeat track! It’s a complete bop!

‘Heart Shaped Bruises’

Niall Horan and Anne-Marie are an iconic duo. We all know that it’s a fact! MAXINE and Haris are not far away with the dreamy and groovy ‘Heart Shaped Bruises.’ There is so much synth love on it and what about the wonderful chemistry both artists have together. This piece from MAXINE’s Minor Felt Major is the sad bop we all need to cheer up. Despite the sad lyricism, it’s full of glitter rhythmics that help us feel good!

Paint It Red’

We are so obsessed by heartbreak pop and so are we with that Olivia Rodrigo-fuelled piece ‘Paint It Red.’ “We were so in love/And I’ll never regret it/But we are way too young/To be in it forever, MAXINE croons on ‘Paint It Red.’ Let your memories flow and keep them in a special place. She glows up vocally through the hazy pop beats and electric guitars, floating with happiness and no regrets about her past. What color will you pick to describe your relationships at the moment?

Do you want to discover more about MAXINE’s Minor Felt Major EP? Stream the full record here and feel yourself grow into this masterpiece of pop! Let us know what you think about it and your fav songs on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Rosella Fennis

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