Alice Glass Bites Fiercely With ‘Baby Teeth’

Alice Glass Bites Fiercely With ‘Baby Teeth’

Are you a gamer? Dive in the electronic graphic immersion of Alice Glass’ ‘Baby Teeth.’ She’s in a full redemption mood with her upcoming debut album, PREY//IV, and she unveils it with all the strength she can on her new single. While waiting for the full record, enjoy the creativity and alternate universe of the Canadian singer-songwriter.

Image Source: Astrazero

The Creative Energy!

Once upon a time, there was a goth electro princess called Alice Glass. She burst out with lots of creative energy. At the beginning of 2021, the evil dolls were all in for ‘Suffer And Swallow.’ Do you love Tim Burton sci-fi movie dramas? Horror movies? With Alice Glass, you got both worlds crashing into one, and it is so tasty. Even vampires don’t need blood to fall in love with her music and striking visuals. We have good news for you! The follow-up video for Alice Glass’ ‘Baby Teeth’ is still directed with the help of Lucas David. After teasing the nightmares, we feel like a gamer addict on the new one. What can we expect for PREY//IV? A beautiful and intricate chaotic mess of original and stunning sounds!

Image Source: Kristen Jan Wong and Lucas David

Is It Game Over?

I’m getting used to it, pain is temporary/There won’t ever be room for happy memories,” Alice sings bluntly. Start the game, pick your character, and fight. That’s exactly what we do on ZeldaResident Evil, or any RPG, don’t we? In ‘Baby Teeth,’ Alice recreates herself as a hero in the video directed by Lucas David and Astra Zero. “I can’t pretend anymore/If no one cares it’s not a tragedy,” she claims with her high-pitched reverberating vocals. Try to keep up and do it again! Don’t give up your life until you’re game over. The hyper pop culture found its new queen! If you are a fervent listener of Ashnikko or Charli XCX, we know this one is for you! Stream ‘Baby Teeth’ here.

Did the monsters bite you so hard that you couldn’t resist? If so, preorder Alice Glass’ PREY//IV here. Let us know what you’re looking forward to for the album on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Kristen Jan Wong and Lucas David

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