‘I Need To Go Home’ And Stream Isla Noon’s New Single

‘I Need To Go Home’ And Stream Isla Noon’s New Single

What’s your ideal night? Would you like to dance around the bonfires and smile? There are times when we think everything is perfect, but then reality crashes down on us. Isla Noon’s ‘I Need To Go Home’ is a song that makes us realize that life isn’t always as good as it gets. Though, with music as a therapy, we can find some comfort through the rhythms. Fancy a bit of electro-pop for now?

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Dance Between The Light And The Dark

As on Alesso and Liam Payne’s ‘Midnight,’ Isla Noon’s ‘I Need To Go Home,’ we either want to dance or hug each other. The synth-pop touch flies high through the stars with its glimpse of magic. Take some bits of Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia and mix it with the crescendo vocals of London Grammar, then you got the complete artistry of New Zealand’s Isla Noon. The dark and the brightness contrasts are very present musically on this retro 80s kind of piece. Once we drown into somber bass beats, then the second after, we get to swim under the starry night that shines through. ‘I Need To Go Home’ lifts us to a charming world with addictive melodies.

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Home Is Everywhere!

Everything is upside down tonight/Everything I wanted feels wrong/I hear what they’re playing/It’s a bad imitation of a love song,” Isla Noon cries on the uplifting chorus with all her guts. Home is not only a place, it’s also a feeling where we feel great. Her video plays with both sides. Do you sometimes feel lonely at night? How do you cope with difficulties? The nightclub metaphor is where chaos and struggles start. Then, you realize you need to slow down a little bit and reflect on what you need. Recentering our priorities in a place we call home is what we should do. The beach and nature can help us through it. It’s a physical place but also can be seen as an escape through the mind. Push your drinks away and take a cab home streaming the skyrocketing single from Isla Noon here.

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