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Don’t Be ‘Strangers’ To Ashley Kutcher Debut EP!

Don’t Be ‘Strangers’ To Ashley Kutcher Debut EP!

What’s buzzing at The Honey POP? We met her back in June and we are so excited to tell you that rising star Ashley Kutcher has released her incredible debut EP One Eighty, and it’s available now for our listening pleasure! Taking her acoustic guitar to a new level, let’s map our fav EP songs from the talented Baltimore singer-songwriter.

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Image Source: Lindsey Byrnes


But if you like falling for strangers/If you like dancing with danger,” Ashley Kutcher spills the tea on her latest video ‘Strangers.’ In her sultry vocals, she hops from one lover to another on her new single visuals. Ashley Kutcher’s debut EP paints emotional struggles in such an amazing way that makes us think of Adele’s adventures. How to forget a tough heartbreak? Is diving into new relationships early in our mourning stages the best idea? Discover your inner feelings with Ashley’s new song!

‘Favorite What If’

Summer love and the cool breeze are what we feel deeply when watching the video for Ashley Kutcher’s debut EP song ‘Favorite What If.’ “When you packed your bags in August/Didn’t know it’d be for good/And I wish I told you everything I told myself I would/You left a mark on my heart,” she croons dreamily on the lovely chorus. Love is so ephemeral and sadly doesn’t last forever in many cases. Lennon Stella‘s heartfelt moments truly inspired Ashley Kutcher’s ethereal aesthetics.

‘Fake B*tches’

While we can hear her pop sweetest melodies on Ashley Kutcher’s debut EP, we can also appreciate her raw acoustic talent. On ‘Fake B*tches,’ the singer talks with absolutely no regrets about all the friendships that seems to be real, but are in fact so hypocritical. She nails it with her satirical tones and confidence. Starting new projects aren’t easy and we should only take care of what we are deep inside of us. We’re stunned by the power of the acoustic version. Check out the original too on One Eighty EP, you will fall for it!

‘When You’re Not Okay’

What is the perfect break-up song? Ashley Kutcher’s debut EP got a couple of gems like the groovy ‘When You’re Not OK.’ Halsey fans, where are you hiding? You will love the delicious silky tones of the Baltimore rising singer. “Now I’m cleaning, tell me why I’m cleaning up/The mess that you made, while you’re staying out late,” Ashley Kutcher hums to her ex. Forgiveness is a hard pill to swallow. Keep your head up and make the best decisions you can ever do for yourself.

Discover more of Ashley Kutcher’s One Eighty EP here. What do you love about it? Any thoughts you want to share with us? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Lindsey Byrnes

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