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Hwasa Serves Us Everything With Guilty Pleasure

Hwasa Serves Us Everything With Guilty Pleasure

Mamamoo’s Hwasa has just dropped her second single album, Guilty Pleasure, and we at THP are living for it! It’s been a minute since Hwasa’s last solo release with her Maria EP in June 2020, but her art is always worth the wait. The queen gives us everything we want and more with Guilty Pleasure and her title track ‘I’m A 빛.’ Now, let’s talk about the three-course meal she just served! 

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Hwasa's guilty pleasure concept photo
Image Source: RBW Entertainment

Appetizer: ‘FOMO’

We’re starting off with ‘FOMO,’ a smooth R&B track about overcoming fears and declaring that you’re still here and alive. Did we mention that it is sung entirely in English? We had to do a double-take because we couldn’t believe our ears! Hwasa somehow finds another way to impress us with each comeback. Her husky voice and the dreamy instrumentals went crazy on this song, and we can’t stop listening!

Main Course: ‘I’m A 빛’

The main dish for today is, of course, the title track. Hwasa’s ‘I’m A 빛,’ is satisfying in every way. It is served with an aesthetic music video, paired with fierce lyrics co-written by Hwasa and bold, stunning outfits. Hwasa can pull off any concept and make it her own. The choreography and dance team slayed, but we can’t say we’re surprised. And the music? We love the dance break to traditional music on the zither! 

Dessert: ‘Bless U’

To finish out an already lovely meal, we have ‘Bless U,’ a beautiful and heartbreaking song showcasing Hwasa’s sweet vocals. She sings about realizing when it’s time to move on from somebody after being deceived for so long. You don’t want them to control your life anymore, so you leave and don’t look back. Hwasa really blessed us with this single album, and we hope to see her grow even more as an artist.

Are you full yet? Hwasa’s Guilty Pleasure is so enjoyable from start to finish, and we give it a five-star review. We can tell how much Hwasa poured herself into this comeback, and it has definitely paid off. 10 out of 10 would recommend listening to Guilty Pleasure.

Hwasa's guilty pleasure concept photo
Image Source: RBW Entertainment

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Featured Image Source: RBW Entertainment

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