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Justice World Tour: This Is What We Are Excited For

Justice World Tour: This Is What We Are Excited For

Tickets for Justin Bieber’s rescheduled Justice World Tour are on sale now, with one dollar of each ticket going to charity! With over 100 dates all around the world, GRAMMY-award-winning Justin is once again showing us what he is made of, and we are all here for it. Ever since he released his first single, ‘One Time’ back in 2009, we have been his biggest fans. We are really excited for this new chapter in his ever-growing career! If you are thinking of buying a ticket or have already done so, this article is made for you! Here are six things about his new tour we can’t wait to see.

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The Man Himself

The moment he climbs the stage in San Francisco, the place for his first Justice World Tour show, it has been over four years since we last saw him live. Okay, he performed a few songs here and there and did an online show, but that can’t top seeing him perform in a stadium with thousands of fans. His live shows genuinely are something else, and the prospect of seeing our hero live again makes us all a bit weak.

The Stage

One word: jaw-dropping. If Justin started a stage-design company, it would be the Gucci for stages. We can do nothing but adore how his stages are always centered around his fans. This only shows that Justin loves us as much as we do, as far as that’s possible. We are curious to see what he will think of this time. Let us know what you think it will be in the comments down below!

Justin waiting to be lifted up the the stage on a platform for the My World tour. How will the stage look during the Justice World Tour?
Image Source: Robert Caplin

His Outfits

If there is one person who rocks everything he wears, it’s Justin. He never fails to surprise us every time we see him on stage. Ripped jeans, leather pants, sweatpants, tank tops, simple white tees, tees with a cool print, or simply no tees, flannel jackets, or his own merch, we’ve never seen someone look so good before. We are sitting on the edge of our seat to see what he will wear his first show, and are pretty sure we won’t survive whatever he pulls out of the closet this world tour.

Justin Bieber wearing a flanel jacket while sitting on a couch & playing guitar. Will he wear something similar during the Justice World Tour?
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His Setlist

Believe us, the moment we get our eyes on the setlist, we won’t be alright. Justin is doing many shows, but he has even more songs. Picking out his setlist will be tough, but we are confident he won’t let us down. Previous setlists included bangers such as ‘One Time,’ ‘Boyfriend,’ ‘Love Me,’ ‘Love Yourself,’ ‘What Do You Mean,’ ‘Sorry,’ and never aging ‘Baby.’ With a completely new album, the setlist will look different this year, and we are curious to know which songs you would like to see. Let us know @thehoneyPOP.

The Crowd

We can keep going on and on about Justin, but we can’t forget you: the Beliebers, his believers. You are there for him, time after time, day after day. A fandom every artist wishes to have. There is one thing we love the most about you: your moments in the crowd. No one is as loud as you are, and no one sings along as much as you do. Even at festivals, you are always there. The Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball performance of ‘Love Yourself’ is still one of our favorites. We’ve got one question for you: can you outdo yourself this Justice World Tour?

The Opening Acts

On his Justice World Tour, Justin will give a chance to shine next to him to not one, not two, but four different artists. We love Justin, we love discovering new artists, Justin lets us find those artists, which makes us love Justin even more. Supported by ¿Téo? & Jaden on all North American shows, and Eddie Benjamin & Harry Hudson on a few dates, Justin gifts us the perfect evening. If you haven’t heard of them before, we gotcha covered.


Jaden is not new to working together with Justin. Together they’ve released multiple songs, and we all know what that means. 🕯 Manifesting 🕯. A live performance of them together would solve most of our problems, so we’re not sure what they’re waiting for. With songs as ‘BYE,’ ‘We Were Fifteen’ & ‘Still In Love’ we’re sure Jaden will give us a show we’ve never experienced before.

Jaden will be joining Justin on the Justice World Tour.
Image Source: Julian Bernan for GQ


You might know ¿Téo? as Carly from Black Beast, but he is way more than that. He created his own musical genre, which he & his fans call “Neo-American.“ In this genre, his admiration for his culture and background comes forward. His recent releases ‘Buzzed’ ft. Willow Smith, ‘I’ll Wait,’ and ‘Suplicar’ on his new album Sol convinced us he is the beginning of something big. Justin confirmed our thoughts by taking him along on the Justice World Tour.

Harry Hudson

Joining on a selected few days of Justice World Tour is Harry Hudson. Just like Justin, he did a collab with Jaden. You can hear them together on the song ‘Just Slide’ and, hopefully, during the tour 🤞. As an ambassador for Teen Cancer America, he opened the first Hey, I’m Here For You teen lounge. Named after his album, the lounge offers teens undergoing cancer treatment a place to retreat. With songs such as ‘Push’ & ‘Overwhelmed,’ we can only thank Justin for taking Harry along with him.

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Eddie Benjamin

Born in Australia and now based in Los Angeles, Eddie is one to watch. After prominently being shown in Justin’s documentary Justin Bieber: Next Chapter., touring with Justin is only a logical next step. Justin isn’t the only one who sees a new star in Eddie. With songs as ‘F*ck My Friends’ and ‘Speechless,’ we can only wait with so much patience to see what the future will bring.

What are you excited to see during the Justice World Tour? Did this article help you decide to buy the tickets, and will we see you during one of his shows? Let us know @thehoneyPOP or leave a reaction in the comments down below. If you want to see more of our Justin Bieber content, click here

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