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The Bees Knees’ New Sounds Fades Into A Dream!

The Bees Knees’ New Sounds Fades Into A Dream!

What do you need to escape this week? Amongst the whole amount of new releases we had to listen to lately, we keep it cool at The Bees Knees. New sounds explode in our inboxes! Here are some rising artists and bands that stick out to our dream playlist recently!

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carpetgarden – ‘IDC’

Little sparks of country, some lo-fi, and catchy punk hooks are the perfect secret garden of new artist carpetgarden. They shine with their brilliant guitar slides on ‘IDC,’ their latest single. “Everybody hits me but I’m not afraid to bleed

Gave him all my loving and he turned his back on me,” carpetgarden hums on their new single. Whatever happens, focus on yourself, that’s the main message. Embrace your identity and think positive along with all the difficulties that arise around you! If you appreciate Lauran Hibberd slams, pay attention to the Bees Knees sounds of the week. carpetgarden’s variety of beats and experimentations makes it all original. It blows all our senses! Stream ‘IDC’ here!

Alexa Capelli – ‘Whiplash’

Would you take any guesses when dating someone new? Do you feel calm or hesitate when it comes to a new situation? Alexa Capelli may have the answer with her new single, ‘Whiplash.’ Her pop tune is fearless and powerful, reminiscing the good old days of Avril Lavigne mixed with a modern Pom Pom Squad aesthetic. “I try, but I just don’t know what I’m looking for/Still, I swipe right then back out, shut it down, turn around,” Alexa Capelli’s delightful vocals go on with attitude. We’re often scared about the future or anything new that happens in life. So how do you react to the development of a new relationship? Are you comfortable enough or know what you wish for? The beats pulsate and envelop us like a warm blanket while she playfully creates a stunning melody. Her infectious tones will help you figure this out! Stream ‘Whiplash’ here.

Nikita Bassi – ‘Find Out’

We ‘Find Out’ who’s our next The Bees Knees new sounds favorite! Nikita Bassi’s piano intro kicks in to get our attention in the first seconds. We love how she makes us so soft, with a mix of Nina Nesbitt and a twist of Celeste. In between pop and soul, she brings out the power of melancholia in her new song. What happens when two souls are different? How do you leave without hurting the other? Is it better to stay? 

The song juggles with those feelings. Along with the rich musical texture, Nikita Bassi gives us a fantastic teaser for her upcoming Chapters EP due for release early next year. She wanders into a sea of dreams with her blissful vocals on ‘Find Out’. “I just wanna get away from you, I don’t wanna take the pain’ she hesitates in sweet harmonies. Her angelic tones captivate us, and we can’t wait to hear more from her new record, which will arrive soon. Stream Nikita Bassi’s new single here!

KITTEN – Personal Hotspots

Who’s the fluffiest in the world? Nasty Cherry’s frontwoman Chloe Chaidez purrs her way with the new project KITTEN. Touring with Charli XCX, the Smashing Pumpkins, and The Joy Formidable, the band gained so much experience, and it shows on their upcoming work Personal Hotspots, out December 10th. KITTEN bites with cotton-candy pop, indie experimentations, and catchy hooks. Mixing synth retro vibes, big electronic anthems, and samplings, we dive into an alternate universe from the 80s. In between ballads and upbeat punkish attitude tracks, celebrate the power of women. If you are in search of a blend of fun and sometimes melancholic tunes, KITTEN is the perfect balance for your everyday playlists. Learn more about them and stream here!

Radiate – ‘Cure Me’

You really cure me/And I know why you make me feel alive,” slams the New York City alt-rockers, Radiate, on the new stunning single ‘Cure Me.’ Feel the connection to the one who you have a crush on! Co-written with Teddy Swims, the band explores pop-punk vibes and clashing upbeat guitars that would please any Simple Plan fan. Music saves us, and ‘Cure Me’ is another fierce example.

The edgy guitar riffs and the vibrant chorus rock with such contagious energy. “And I just wanted to paint you a picture baby please/But now I’m on my knees I’ll tell you why (I don’t want to let you go)/I can only see you shine” the band harmonizes lovingly on the track. Love is all around, and don’t be shy to open up! Cupid acts like serotonin, and THP absolutely lives for it! So check the dosage and let ‘Cure Me’ be your medicine here!

Charlotte OC – ‘Here Comes Another’

Making all my demons my friends/Here are all my mistakes,” Charlotte OC croons in her latest single, ‘Here Comes Another.’ Tossing and turning, the singer opens up on her struggles in a brand new video. “And I scare myself/Strange rebellion against my health/Maybe I should get some help,” she sits alone in her bed, reflecting on what’s wrong and what should change. Vulnerable and soulful, we can relate to the raw emotional tones.

Fans of Jasmine Thompson and Charlotte Cardin could let all their bad vibes fade away with the new album from Charlotte OC. We totally fell for the duality between delicate and brutal melodies. The music fits like silk and is such a therapeutic blend of guitars, sultry vocals, and bass-like slow beats. Get ready for some trouble heading your way here! Stream Charlotte OC’s new album, you won’t regret it!

Wet – ‘Only Water’

Feel the earth and the waves. The Bees Knees goes ethereal with New York City trio Wet. Enter the sea of dreams with the new ‘Only Water’ video. “I went down to the river to redirect my heart/I went down to the river to resurrect my body/I went down to the river to wash away this loneliness,” they sing in mysterious harmonies. In the likes of Leif Vollebekk and Holly Humberstone, the notes crackdown in the woods to unleash all the emotions we have stuck inside. Nature is resourcing. The guitar strings drip into suave and dreamy vibes all along ‘Only Water’ and the rest of Letter Blue. Reminiscing of Iron & Wine classic ‘Flightless Bird,’ we sway to the beats of acoustic guitar and quiet ambient electronic beats. It’s so magical! Listen to ‘Only Water’ and Letter Blue now. Just click here!

KiD RAiN – ‘Sole Of Your Shoes’

Cos I’m one no away from being the dirt on the sole of your shoe, but at least I’d be close to you,” sings newcomer KiD RAiN on his superb new single ‘Sole Of Your Shoes.’ Do you sometimes feel invisible? What can you do if the person who has a special place in your heart ignores you? That’s the whole feeling of KiD RAiN Tom Odell-infused piano ballad. With tearjerking lyrics, it’s deep and so sad at the same time.

He dropped a very emotional piece, and we are so hooked on it! KiD RAiN is obviously our new heartthrob! He played some gigs with The Vamps and charmed us with his sweet vocals. Classy and vulnerable, the song is brutally honest, and we can’t help but listen to it on repeat. Filmed in a church in Leeds, we escape into a peaceful melodic world. So let’s walk and feel the soul here!

Emmy Law – ‘Black And White’

Through our friendships and stories, we all have different personalities. American singer Emmy Law channels her inner Taylor Swift while writing about her own experiences. Through strings instrumentation, floating guitars, and angelic vocals, ‘Black And White’ is the moment where you realize we have to make compromises in our divergent world. 

God knows that I’m a bit insane/Love it when you say my name over and over again/God knows I’ve got a zealous heart/Put the horse before the cart over and over again,” she sings with all her heart on her new single. It’s in the challenges that we find our reason to be together despite our differences. The misty melodies created by the smooth acoustic guitars please all the Japanese Breakfast fans inside us. The Bees Knees can’t help but be so addicted to her surreal rhymes. Stream ‘Black And White’ and explore the works of Emmy Law here.

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Khamari – Doctor, My Eyes

Any fans of Khalid out there? These bits of quirky guitars totally hooked us with the R’n’B vibes that float in the air. “Cause my mind’s always racing

And I’ve been trying to slow the pace with

Red Bull and tequila keep me upright through the day,” the young singer-songwriter Khamari expresses on ‘Doctor, My Eyes.’ The Bees Knees team fell for these new swag sounds that are inspired by the perspective of the original track from Jackson Brown that has the same title. 

Does life sometimes go by too fast? How do we remain sane around all the significant challenges our personal minds juggle? The soul we can also find in Post Malone‘s works goes full throttle on this reflective image of humanity. Khamari’s sleek rhymes envelop us with a beautiful sheet of bold melodies. Feel the grooves with Khamari’s ‘Doctor, My Eyes’ here.

So, what suits you best this week? Dream pop dominates. What do you think about it? Tell us your fav tracks from this list and beyond on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

Are you craving to discover more artists on the rise? We got you here!

Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor/THP Graphic Team

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