QUIZ: Love Ain’t A Science, Can You Capture TWICE’s Hearts?

QUIZ: Love Ain’t A Science, Can You Capture TWICE’s Hearts?

We know we aren’t the only ones obsessed with TWICE’s newest album Formula Of Love O+T=<3. It has been replaying on our playlists 24/7, it might even end up in our Spotify Wrapped, especially the track ‘Scientist.’ And we’re not the only one’s digging it, Formula Of Love debuted number three on Billboard’s 200 Album Chart. ‘Scientist’ has topped Billboard’s Real-Time Hot Trending Songs Chart, and ‘The Feels’ had landed on the Billboards Hot 100. All are amazing feats for the, oh so talented, TWICE, because it means they are reaching larger audiences. Which is always good for the group and ONCE.

Image Souce: TWICE via Twitter (@JYPETWICE)

Speaking of ‘Scientist,’ we’ve been absolutely enthralled by the lyrics, the mv, and everything in between. Come on, it’s such a hypnotic track, who doesn’t love it? So, we figured, maybe our fellow ONCE, like we do, love quizzes. We may have made a cute little ‘Scientist’ related adventure quiz for you. So why not check it out and find out, if you have what it takes to become TWICE’s lab partner, and capture their hearts. Don’t forget to check out TWICE’s new album, Formula Of Love O+T=<3, here.

Did you enjoy our little quiz? We hope you enjoyed it more than you would your actual science class. What results did you get? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

Ready to go on another adventure? How about taking one with TXT.

Need more TWICE in your life? We’ve got you covered!


Featured Image Source: JYP Entertainment

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