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Binge-Worthy Buzz: Holiday Season Edition

Binge-Worthy Buzz: Holiday Season Edition

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Hello, honeybees, and welcome to another edition of Binge-Worthy Buzz, our weekly series where we recommend new things to watch to all our fellow movies and TV shows lovers. Well, ’tis (almost) the season to be jolly. With the holidays right around the corner, everybody is starting to look for something Christmas-y to enjoy with their friends and family, so that brings us to our Holiday Edition of BWB, brought to you by Disney+, where you can watch all of the things we list. Let’s go!

The Santa Clause

Look, if you don’t make a point of watching The Santa Clause movies every holiday season, you’re a bit odd, is all we’re saying. Not only are these movies considered holiday classics, but they’re also enough to warm even the coldest hearts. The story of a grumpy man being dragged into becoming Santa Claus sounds crazy when you first hear it, but frankly, we can’t imagine a better movie to watch with our families when we want to laugh and share a good time with loved ones.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Yes, this is a Christmas movie, fight us if you don’t think so. And yes, it’s also kind of a Halloween movie. But that’s exactly what makes The Nightmare Before Christmas so great: it doesn’t fit just one box, and you have an excuse to watch it on both holidays, yay! And the message of the movie is also adorable. And the songs are catchy too, so there’s a bonus.

Home Alone

Another classic we all grew up on, Home Alone is 100% a must-watch for the holiday season. Now, as you may also know, there’s a new version of Home Alone made exclusively for Disney+, which is also very much worth checking out, but nothing on this Earth could possibly justify not watching the original Home Alone beforehand.


Have you ever thought what Santa Claus’ children might be like? Well, now we get to find out in Noelle, Disney’s original Christmas movie starring the lovely Anna Kendrick as Noelle, Kris Kringle’s daughter who just reeeeally wants to do something important with her life. Kind of like her brother, Nick, who will take over Christmas for their dad this year. Or at least that’s the original plan. After he takes a break before the big day, as suggested by Noelle, he just… doesn’t return and now it’s up to his sister to find him and save Christmas.

The Christmas-Themed Episodes

And obviously, we couldn’t leave out one of Disney Channel’s biggest traditions: the Christmas Episodes! Nearly every show we loved growing up had special episodes for the holidays. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody had them, Hannah Montana had them, Girl Meets World had them. And now that Disney+ is a thing, we get to rewatch all our favorite holiday episodes and relieve that magic like when we were kids! Here’s a little list to help you out:

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And this is the end of this week’s Binge-Worthy Buzz! We hope you’ve enjoyed it and stay around to read more! If you want, you can comment your thoughts or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

And if you want more things to watch, come over here, we got you!

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