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The Book Lover’s Gift Guide

The Book Lover’s Gift Guide

With December fast approaching and the sales flowing, it’s the perfect time to start shopping for the holidays! Don’t know what to buy that bookworm in your life? Or maybe you’re looking for some ideas on what to ask for this year. Our book lover’s gift guide is here to help!

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Once Upon A Book Club Subscription

An open box with the book The Mary Shelley Club with wrapped gifts with page numbers.
Image Source: Courtesy of Once Upon a Book Club

Looking for an interactive reading experience? Look no further than a subscription to Once Upon a Book Club! Each box includes a book, along with individually wrapped gifts marked with page numbers. As you read, you’ll be prompted by sticky notes to open a gift that is directly related to the plot of the book. For example, a character is working on a puzzle in the book and the gift you receive is the same puzzle they are working on! Isn’t that amazing! Coming in young adult and adult versions, these boxes are fun for readers of all ages. One time purchases are available, as well as prepaid three, six and twelve-month subscriptions.

Available from Once Upon a Book Club for $49.99 (month to month subscription/one-time purchase)

Literary Candles

A soy candle with a Pemberley Park label.
Image Source: Courtesy of Hearth and Hammer General

What’s better than curling up with a good book while a fragrant candle burns in the background? With candles inspired by books such as Pride and Prejudice, The Scarlet Letter, or just bookish themed in general, we know book lovers everywhere are going to love these candles.

Available from Hearth and Hammer General for $22

Reading Bath Caddy

A bath caddy with a candle, soap, phone, towel and glass of wine.
Image Source: Courtesy of Amazon

Settling into a nice warm bath after a stressful day is the best. Especially when you can get some reading done! Unfortunately, the tub can be a very dangerous place for books if you’re not careful. But this reading bath caddy is perfect for keeping your book nice and dry while also holding your phone (so you can post all of your reactions while reading), a drink, or even a candle!

Available from Amazon for $49.97

Personalized Art Print

A white page with an illustration of twelve book spines.
Image Source: Courtesy of Laura Row Studio via Etsy

Buying a personalized gift is the perfect way to show that book lover in your life that you care. This customizable art print showcases twelve books of your choosing. We know any reader would be delighted to have a beautiful art piece showcasing their ultimate pastime. It’ll also show them that you’ve been listening while they gush to you about their favorite books. (We’re sorry! We just can’t stop talking about them!)

Available on Etsy from LauraRowStudio for £27.22

Floating Bookshelves

Stacks of books on floating bookshelves on a white wall. A grey couch and a side table are visible.
Image Source: Courtesy of Amazon

Looking for that perfect bookish aesthetic in your home? These floating bookshelves are a unique way to display your beautiful books. They’re also fantastic for bookstagram photos!

Available from Amazon for $39.99

Book Journal

An open blue book journal.
Image Source: Courtesy of Moleskin

Aside from reading itself, there’s nothing that book lovers enjoy more than to record what they’ve been reading. And they can do just that in this beautiful book journal. With areas to write down their thoughts, memorable quotes, star ratings, and more, it’s the ultimate compendium for their thoughts! It’s also a great place to write things down while preparing to write a review!

Available from Moleskin for £26.99

Library Card Mug

A green mug with the design of a library checkout card.
Image Source: Courtesy of Out of Print

What better way to start your day than with a coffee and a good book? What about if your mug was library-themed? Taking the design of that classic library checkout card, this mug has that beautiful bookish aesthetic. What’s even better is that each purchase from Out of Print goes toward funding literacy programs and purchasing books for communities in need!

Available from Out of Print for $14

Shelf Love Tote Bag

A black tote bag with a blue strap with the words "shelf love".
Image Source: Courtesy of Out of Print

This tote bag is every book lover’s dream! Not only can they fit all of their books inside, but it also showcases their love of reading for everyone to see! A must-have for the bookworm that takes the whole library home with them.

Available from Out of Print for $20

Book Light

An open book sits on a wire stand with a blue reading light attached.
Image Source: Courtesy of Mighty Bright

For all the bookworms that stay up past their bedtime saying “Just one more chapter!” (even though it never is). This book light will brighten up the pages so they can read long into the night without having to strain their eyes!

Available from Mighty Bright for $29.99

Tell Me What You’re Reading Pin

Navy blue circular enamel pin with the words "Tell me what you're reading."
Image Source: Courtesy of Book/Shop

One thing in common among all bookworms is that we love to talk about books with others! This enamel pin is a great way to display your love for reading while also encouraging conversation with other potential book lovers! Who knows, you may even make a new friend or two at the library or bookstore!

Available from Book/Shop for $14

See Also

All-Weather Book Sleeve

A person in a black jacket holding a clear book sleeve covered in water droplets.
Image Source: Courtesy of Book/Shop

This waterproof book sleeve will save many a book from being ruined, whether by water or just getting smushed in a bag. There’s nothing worse than grabbing a paperback out of your bag to find that the cover has been ripped because it got stuck at the bottom. With this sleeve, you can keep your books looking just like new. It’s also large enough to hold other items like a laptop!

Available from Book/Shop for $68

Personal Library Kit

A personal library kit with a stamp, pockets, and checkout cards.
Image Source: Courtesy of Knock Knock

We haven’t met a book lover yet that wouldn’t love to have a personal library. Well, this kit takes you one step closer to that! This kit contains a stamp, library checkout cards, and even pouches to store them in. For those of you that love to lend books to others, this is a beautiful way to personalize your books and document their journeys.

Available from Knock Knock for $20

Binge Reading Kit

A binge reading kit in a beige, black, and white package.
Image Source: Courtesy of Barnes & Noble

Ah, binge reading books, one of our favorite pastimes. Finishing a book in a short period of time is so thrilling! But it’s quite a commitment, if only there was a convenient kit that supplied us with everything we need for a great binge reading session… oh wait! There is! Complete with bookmarks, coasters, earplugs and more, this kit is a must-have for those wishing to truly dive into a book.

Available from Barnes & Noble for $20

Page Holder

Brown wood thumb page holder.
Image Source; Courtesy of Amazon

Does your hand get tired while holding up a hardcover? Or what about those big paperbacks that have the audacity to refuse to flop? (How dare they?) This page holder is just what you’re looking for. Save your hand, and get comfy during those long reading sessions.

Available from Amazon for $13.98

Was our book lover’s gift guide helpful? What was your favorite item on this list? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also visit us on Facebook and Instagram!

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