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Bryson Tiller Takes Us On A Sleigh Ride With New Christmas EP

Bryson Tiller Takes Us On A Sleigh Ride With New Christmas EP

Bryson Tiller

On the EP A Different Christmas, acclaimed R&B artist Bryson Tiller delivers brand-new festive bops with some special guests to spice up our holiday season! From classics like ‘winter wonderland’ to originals such as ‘lonely christmas’ with Justin Bieber and Poo Bear, there’s a little bit of everything in this quick Christmas rendezvous.

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Before we get into my next album, I wanted to share another special project I worked on for you guys. This one was really fun to make. Inspired by Bieber, Ariana, and by one of my loneliest holiday seasons ever…

Bryson Tiller

Cozy up with us and put together the perfect cookie plate for Santa Claus while you give A Different Christmas a listen!

‘Be Mine This Christmas’ = Classic Chocolate Chip

Image Source: Betty Crocker

This bittersweet tale of love lost for the holidays feels like the brown sugar, semi-sweet chocolate chip classic. While this is an original Christmas song, the feeling of yearning for a special someone or a family member missing out on the festivities at this time of year calls for familiar, melty chocolate chip comfort.

Recipe from Betty Crocker.

‘Cold December Interlude’ = Santa’s Trash Cookies

Image Source: The Baking ChocolaTess

For many parts of the world, December signals the arrival of the cold winter months. On ‘cold december interlude,’ a blustering wind opens the track, followed by layered vocals that convey the feeling of a chilly, dark winter night spent by the fireplace. That’s why Santa’s trash cookies are perfect for that kind of night! All you need is what you have on hand, so you don’t have to make a grocery run in frigid weather. You can use anything from sprinkles, pretzels, Reese’s peanut butter cups, chocolates, M&M’s, potato chips, or whatever strikes your fancy!

Recipe from The Baking ChocolaTess.

‘Presents’ Featuring Kiana Ledé = Chocolate Kiss Snowballs

Image Source: Yossy Arefi via Delish

‘presents’ is a smooth jam that features an appearance from songstress Kiana Ledé. What kind of cookie embodies the spirit of a present? Chocolate kiss snowballs, a twist on the beloved snowball cookie! This yummy treat is a present in cookie form with chocolate kisses hidden inside for a delicious surprise. Pro tip: try using hot cocoa kisses!

Recipe from Delish.

‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ = Gingerbread

Image Source: Gimme Some Oven

Halfway through the EP, Bryson takes on this Christmas classic with a 2021 flair. This retro song with futuristic spice is the perfect gingerbread tune: vintage yet special. Gingerbread cookies are an age-old holiday staple and one of the most fun kinds of dessert to get creative with and customize!

Recipe from Gimme Some Oven.

‘Lonely Christmas’ Featuring Justin Bieber & Poo Bear = Sweet & Salty Toffee

Image Source: Delish

If you’re feeling lonely during the holidays like Bryson, Justin, and Poo Bear, comfort food is a must. This simple toffee is just as easy as Santa’s trash cookies, and just as delicious. All you need are saltine crackers, chocolate chips, holiday M&M’s, and sprinkles! These sweet and salty creations pair perfectly with those honey Bieber vocals and the wistful declaration, “It’s gonna be a lonely Christmas.”

Recipe from Penny’s Food Blog.

‘Ain’t A Lonely Christmas Song’ Featuring Tayla Parx = Peanut Butter Blossoms

Image Source: Betty Crocker

After a string of songs alluding to loneliness and regret around the holidays, ‘ain’t a lonely christmas song’ expresses thankfulness for a certain person backed by a unique beat and beautiful vocals from guest Tayla Parx. While peanut butter blossoms aren’t exactly out of the ordinary, they’re always a crowd-pleaser, just like this jam!

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Recipe from Betty Crocker.

‘Winter Wonderland’ Featuring Halo = Sugar Cookies

Image Source: Sugar Spun Run

Last but not least, Bryson teamed up with his daughter for this rendition of Dean Martin’s ‘winter wonderland.’ It puts the bow on top of the EP as the finale, a sweet, heartwarming collaboration that truly encapsulates the spirit of the season just like sugar cookies with all the sprinkles!

Recipe from Sugar Spun Run.

Bryson Tiller and his daughter, Harley, AKA Halo

Image Source: Ro.Lexx

What’s your favorite song from A Different Christmas? Chat with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, or on Instagram and Facebook!

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Featured Image Source: Ro.Lexx

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