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The Honey POP’s 2021 Marvel Gift Guide

The Honey POP’s 2021 Marvel Gift Guide

Marvel fans, assemble!!”

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We’ve been summoned to aid with some very serious holiday shopping! And let’s face it, between a hectic city center and the shopping sprees happening all around, we might find ourselves lacking inspiration. That’s our cue to bring back the joy with a gift guide you won’t want to miss out on! But please proceed with caution… Ahead you’ll find some out-of-this-world gift ideas inspired by a universe of legends: the one and only Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). And you might be tempted to keep the presents to yourself. All we have to say to that is:

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Prices are accurate at the time of publishing.

Avengers Endgame Hoodie

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If you know someone who’d love to dress the part, search no more! This pièce de résistance will have them making a fashion statement and get them battle ready. And what’s best, there’s no further need to gear up! Just zip up and they’ll be good to go! All in all, a great item to win over the holiday season!

Available from Merchoid UK for £42.99.

Marvel Comics Quiz Game

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Everyone loves a good trivia game, but this one knocks it out of planet Earth! Indeed, we’ve found this Marvel-icious must-have-for-game-night and it’s an instant life-saving kinda present! So, go ahead and put your friends and family to the test with some epic questions that’ll have you tuning in some movies all over again!

Available from TruffleShuffle UK for £11.99.

Marvel Eternals Sersi Replica Necklace

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This option will be catching everyone’s attention. And whether you want to join the team of Eternals or channel your inner Sersi, this necklace will win you some ever-lasting gratitude. There’s no going wrong with this timeless classy piece of jewelry. So, here’s to hoping you make someone forever happy with this pick!

Available from HotTopic for $10.32.

Spider Man Backpack

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“Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can”… and this time, it can help any of your loved ones to carry “oh so fashionably” goodies across town. We bet anyone would be lucky to get this incredible backpack in the coming holidays! Uncle Ben said it clearly: “Remember, with great carrying power comes great opportunities…” Wouldn’t you agree?

Available from EMP UK for £21.99.

Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power Game

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In this epic board game it’s all about the infamous Marvel villains. So, if you’ve ever wanted to take a walk on the evil side or know someone who sided with Killmonger in the Black Panther, this is the perfect gift! Strategy meets villainy and the result is mighty fun. No time to waste, as Thanos once put it: “Destiny waits for no man. Not even one who shall bring the universe to its knees.”

Available from ShopDisney for $44.99.

Funko Marvel Holiday Pop! Gingerbread Black Panther

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If you know a Funko Pop! collector, you’d better rush to secure one of these! Isn’t it the cutest gingerbread figurine ever? And if you were to ask us, these Black Panther vinyl figures are the very embodiment of the Wakandian Christmas Spirit. So, naturally we wouldn’t want anyone’s Marvel Funko Pop! collection to go missing this original holiday inspired take on king T’Challa!

Available from HotTopic for $12.50.

Awesome Mix Vol. 1 CD

Image Source: EMP

In a bold move, we bring you a blast from the past. Yes, this is a jewel in the format of a CD. Not only it features some of the best tunes of the Galaxy, it’s just so pretty! So, if you know someone who really appreciates old-school items, this Mix Tape will make them Peter Quill level of happy! Also, there’s an Awesome Mix Vol. 2 also available to browse!

Available from EMP EU for €7.99.

Marvel Greatest Comics: 100 Comics That Built a Universe Book

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We couldn’t not add this book to the list! Since it showcases the iconic comic books that shaped the MCU we’ve come to love, this book should be in each and every Marvel fan’s bookshelf! This would be the ultimate gift for anyone who loves to read, enjoys stunning illustrations and wants to sharpen their knowledge on Marvel characters and storylines! Simply put: a must-have!

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Available from Amazon for $21.38.

Captain America Shield Notebook

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Most of us love to keep notes and what’s best than your own Captain America Shield A5 Notebook to do so! Even Cap himself would love to upgrade his own note-taking to this one. And we reckon that your thoughts -or your loved ones- would be secure under the protection of the one-of-a-kind vibranium shield. They do say it’s virtually indestructible! Still, best keep it from Thanos. Just in case…

Available from Merchoid EU for €19.99.

Marvel Groot Waffle Maker

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Here’s something your friend or family needs… No kidding, this waffle maker is saving the galaxy one Groot at a time! And every new buy will help guarantee the collective effort doesn’t go to waste. You can even volunteer to test it out and with the aid of some waffle mix and some syrup, you’ll make the world a sweeter, happier and Grootier place!

Available from HotTopic for $45.90.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this Marvel Gift Guide as much as we loved making it for you! Anything you would have added to the list? Will you go for any of our suggestions? We want to know! So, please leave your thoughts in the comments below! Or via tweet @TheHoneyPOP, or even at Facebook or Instagram!

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