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6 Smooth SHINee Songs Your Chill-Out Playlist Needs

6 Smooth SHINee Songs Your Chill-Out Playlist Needs

Are your stress levels high? These SHINee songs will bring you the relaxation you need. Pour yourself a comforting cup of coffee and sip leisurely while curled up in the warmest blanket you have, it’s about to get cozy. 

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We’ve listed six of our favorite SHINee songs— five for each member and one for Shawols—that are perfect to enjoy after a long day. Everyone knows music touches the soul, but there’s something about these songs that feel like a nice, warm hug too. 

Choosing only six was nearly impossible so we highly suggest listening to their entire discography 😉. For now, check out our selection to bring some sunshine into your day! 

닫아줘 ‘Close the Door’ from Everybody

Let’s start things off with this sleek and mellow track. Not only will they serve you astounding vocals with this stage but incredible looks too. Onew with sparkling gems under his eyes was the fashion statement we never knew we needed. Admire their hats, listen to their perfectly blended vocals, and let the pent-up stress from your day melt away.

‘Your Name’ from Lucifer

One of our favorite R&B songs with insane harmonies that will have you forgetting all your worries. The birds chirping at the start of the track will already have you thinking you’re entering an entirely different world, one filled with SHINee and SHINee only. We would love to live there.

‘Beautiful Life’ from 1 and 1

Here, take a moment to allow SHINee to remind you that “it’s a beautiful life.” The simple yet beautiful melody never fails to cheer us up and lift our spirits. They sing about missing someone and wishing you could be with them again. The track remains light and airy, complemented by their soft vocals.

‘Selene 6.23’ from The Misconceptions of Us  

The perfect song to start your late-night dreaming. You can easily wander away from the hectic thoughts of your day and into dreamy, excellent music. Jonghyun’s vocals truly shine in the chorus of this gorgeous ballad. The men in this group are superb at pouring their full emotions into their music and ‘Selene 6.23’ is no different.

‘안녕 You & I’ from The Story of Light: EP. 1

Written by Key, this song is one of their most unique tracks. Beautiful and layered with magic, it is impossible to be stressed while listening to this song. All-rounder Minho draws us in from the start with his sweet vocals. The clip above is a short performance of the song they did on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook, feel free to start the video at the beginning and watch the full set of clips. If you weren’t a Shawol before, you will be after!

‘Kind’ from Don’t Call Me 

First, their outfits here are incredibly handsome. Second, anytime we get an Onew falsetto intro we are happy. Third, we can’t get enough of their god-like harmonies. Look at IU, she’s loving this just as much as we are. SHINee’s last full album, Atlantis—which this track also appears on—before Taemin enlisted in mandatory military service, provided Shawols with enough elegantly styled tracks to keep us fed until baby cheese returns. Thank you SHINee!

Bonus: ‘Honesty’ from Sherlock

We had to add an extra 💎. A simple acoustic track with a fun and laid-back melody, ‘Honesty’ is easily one of our favorite songs. Let their vocals pick you up and dust you off after a long day. 

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