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It’s Time For The Return Of EVERGLOW With ‘Pirate’

It’s Time For The Return Of EVERGLOW With ‘Pirate’

EVERGLOW are not letting the year end before making one last statement. And that statement is none other than ‘Pirate’ and their third mini-album, Return of the Girl. With five songs, not only is this the mini-album in which EVERGLOW has experienced the most with different genres and sounds, but it is also by far their most unique release so far.

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If there’s something EVERGLOW never fails at, it’s surprising us with different original and unique concepts – and ‘Pirate’ is the epitome of that. It mixes and matches so many different genres and influences, creating this incredibly surprising song. You can never predict where the song will go next, in the best way possible. ‘Pirate’ is in a way very reminiscent of releases from the 2nd gen, with its electronic production and the twists and turns it takes. And yet, it does feel incredibly modern and unique. It mixes the best elements from both the second generation of K-Pop and the fourth.

‘Pirate’ is bold, confident, strong and incredibly empowering. And this is something that definitely is shown in the music video. The girls show such confidence and they feel so powerful. Their visuals of course are just incredible, even more because of how unique, original and just pretty the styling is. Just like in the song itself, they mix a lot of different styles and just make it work beautifully. And of course, as expected from EVERGLOW, the choreography for ‘Pirate’ is simply flawless.

Return Of The Girl

EVERGLOW opens their third mini-album with nothing less than a ballad. Now, EVERGLOW is no stranger to ballads, and they slay them every single time. However, ‘Back Together’ hits different somehow. The opening track builds into this truly comforting, inspiring and hopeful song. The vocals are incredible, and the production makes it hit harder. Not many can pull off opening an album with a ballad, but they sure did.

One of the tracks that will surprise you for sure is ‘Don’t Speak.’ This love song is simply unique in EVERGLOW‘s discography and a great addition to it. With an 80s feel to it, the song feels bright, cheeky and fun, and they pull it off so well. ‘Nighty Night,’ on the other hand, takes a somewhat darker turn with its hip-hop influence. Those two tracks alone will show you their versality.

The closing track ‘Company’ is by far one of the main highlights of this release. ‘Company’ hits hard with its energy and hip-hop influence. It is unapologetic and empowering. In other words, it is everything we love about EVERGLOW. Just like this whole entire release. From the beginning to the end of Return of the Girl, EVERGLOW show incredible talent and versatility. It’s safe to say that with ‘Pirate’ and their third mini-album, EVERGLOW establish their name in the scene more than ever before.

Image source: Yuehua Entertainment

Do you like this new direction for EVERGLOW? What was your favorite track in Return of the Girl? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Yuehua Entertainment

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