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Kai’s New EP Peaches Is A Treat!

Kai’s New EP Peaches Is A Treat!

What do we at THP want for the holidays? We already got it with Exo’s Kai’s new mini-album! Peaches is Kai’s second solo EP, and it features a total of six songs and a title track of the same name. Kai shows off his diverse musical range, and it’s about time people recognized his talent!

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kai's peaches concept photo
Image Source: SM Entertainment

Our performance king really treated us with Peaches, so let’s break down why we love it so much! And if you haven’t already, listen to Peaches on your favorite music platforms here.


The title track ‘Peaches’ is probably one of the most addicting K-Pop songs we’ve ever heard! We fell in love at our first listen, and it’s all because of Kai’s silky, enchanting voice that was made for R&B. The sweet lyrics along with the music video visuals truly take this song to the next level. And we weren’t ready for the choreography to hit us like that, but when are we ever?


Call us basic, but vanilla is the best flavor, hands down. Everything about Kai is dreamy, and ‘Vanilla’ is the number-one evidence. His vocals came through in this track, and he knows just what he’s doing, singing these super romantic lyrics to us. We need a moment.

Kai's peaches concept photo
Image Source: SM Entertainment


Right when he draws you in with his sweet vocals, Kai switches it up with a hip-hop banger! He almost sounds like a different person in ‘Domino’ when he sings in his lower register. And even though the drums and bass in this song are totally different from his first two songs, Kai makes it fit his sound. If that’s not talent, we don’t know what is.

Kai's peaches concept photo
Image Source: SM Entertainment

‘Come In’

Although it was such a hard decision, we think ‘Come In’ is one of our favorite b-sides on the Peaches album. It’s a groovy dance song about being in love without hesitation. It’s about the times when you boldly express your love and get close to someone rather than shy away and hide it.

‘To Be Honest’

TBH, we’re obsessed with Kai’s latest comeback. If you needed a chill song to listen to in the morning and instantly improve your mood, ‘To Be Honest’ is the one for you. It’s got such relaxed, summery vibes to it, which we desperately need as the weather starts getting colder.

Kai's Peaches concept photo
Image Source: SM Entertainment


Lo-fi Kai is the icing on the Peaches mini-album. ‘Blue’ is the song to add to your study playlist, with or without lyrics. The instrumental alone is enough to obsess over, but Kai singing such deep and emotional lyrics gives us even more comfort. Wow. The range of this man.

To celebrate the release of his second EP, Kai will also be performing in his first online solo concert! As part of a groundbreaking concert streaming series with 3D graphics and AR technology, Beyond LIVE #Cinema – KAI : KLoor will be on December 11 at 10 pm PT (December 12 at 1 am ET).

You can buy your tickets from Naver’s V Live app starting on December 1 at 3 pm KST (December 1 at 1 am ET). Merch bundles are also available on the SMTOWN & STORE website.

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Image Source: SM Entertainment

Exo’s Kai has released yet another no-skips album with songs for everyone’s music taste. If you need us, we’ll be daydreaming about paradise while listening to Peaches for the next few weeks (maybe months)!

What did you think about Kai’s new mini-album? Let us know on Twitter! You can also check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

Want to obsess over more K-Pop comebacks? We’ll meet you right here!


Featured Image Source: SM Entertainment

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