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Wonho Gifts Wenees A ‘WHITE MIRACLE’

Wonho Gifts Wenees A ‘WHITE MIRACLE’

Ohhoho, it’s time for mistletoe, holly, and a magical winter track from sublime vocalist and shining star of our heart Wonho. Written, composed, and arranged by the multi-talented man himself, Japanese single ‘WHITE MIRACLE’ touches on loneliness, longing, and healing emotional pain.

Ever the romantic, Wonho has not just crafted a sonically beautiful song but penned poetic lyrics that keep our hearts warm as the chill of winter sets in. “White miracles will fall and cover our wounds,” he serenades. His enchanting track is just the antidote for winter blues. 

He has also made multiple translations of ‘WHITE MIRACLE’’s lyrics available on his official Twitter account. We love a thoughtful king. 

Watch the ‘WHITE MIRACLE’ lyric video (English captions are available).

We Are Young Concert

Earlier this month, Wonho performed ‘WHITE MIRACLE’ as a surprise gift to his fans—known as Wenees—at his We Are Young Concert in Seoul. We have to say, witnessing him set the stage ablaze with his iconic sharp choreography and stunning stage outfits was an early Christmas present in itself. 

Even more, the two-day concert event marked a first for the angelic voiced artist. We Are Young was his first solo offline concert! We loved seeing his overflowing happiness as he reunited in person with his fans.

‘WHITE MIRACLE’ is Wonho’s second Japanese single in the last two months. In October 2021, Wonho released the light, easy-going tune ‘ON THE WAY’ along with a visually captivating music video. We get Wonho riding a moped by the sea, cooking up his favorite food—ramen—and his vocals! Please, we genuinely could not ask for more. Once again written and composed by Wonho himself, ‘ON THE WAY’ easily takes its place among the rest of his top tracks.

Watch ‘ON THE WAY.’

Season’s Greetings

Ring in the New Year right with Wonho’s 2022 Season’s Greetings Pieces of Memory. The release will include a diary, poster calendar, a making DVD, and more! If you are searching for the perfect gift for that special Wenee in your life, this is definitely it (and his latest mini-album Blue Letter 💙). The pre-order for Pieces of Memory opens on November 30th, 2021. 

Our Wenee hearts stay excited about new music, but as we eagerly await more beautiful tunes, you can catch us listening to all his latest tracks on repeat! 

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Read our exclusive interview with Wonho for his album Love Synonym #2: Right For Us and check out our track by track breakdown of Blue Letter!


Featured Image Source: Victor Entertainment, Twitter via Wonho Official Account

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  • Wonho has my heart forever! I love all of his music both new and old. He is Wenee’s global superstar

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