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Marvell’s New Single ‘Needle’ Hit Us In The Best Way Possible

Marvell’s New Single ‘Needle’ Hit Us In The Best Way Possible

So, let’s talk about Marvell and their newest single, shall we? Sorry we took a while to write this, we were busy being emotional and processing how powerful ‘Needle’ is. But before we start talking about the song and the absolute masterpiece of a video that accompanies it, let us introduce you to Marvell. They’re a rock band straight from Sydney, Australia made up of Max Marvell (Vocals/Guitar), Tom Marvell (Vocals), Jesse Gaupset (Lead Guitar), Dylan Mitchell Frost (Bass), Theo Henry (Drums).

Now, let’s get to the song that destroyed us emotionally in the best way possible: ‘Needle.’ The band wrote it based on the battle against cancer the band’s former drummer, BJ, went through. Both the song and the video are filled with beautiful symbolism that made us tear up when we watched it. The song starts out small, almost like it’s afraid, and then, as more voices and instruments join in, it becomes powerful and inspiring. We love it so much!

And what can we say about this video? Having the main character be a nameless man running from an invisible enemy was a strike of genius from Brae Fisher, who wrote and directed the video. For anyone who goes into it knowing the history behind the song, it’s a beautiful metaphor. But at the same time, if someone watches it without context, they can still interpret in a number of ways which makes it a relatable story for many. Can you tell we loved this video as much as the song itself?

Did you think the awesome news were over? Not yet! There are two more things we want to share with you about Marvell. Number one: they have a new EP coming out called Comfort is King on December 9th, featuring songs like ‘Needle’ and also their last single ’19 Homes.’ Number two: if you happen to be in Sydney this weekend, you can catch Marvell’s show at Avalon Beach in NSW for a show on December 4th to celebrate the single and EP release. Tickets are available here. Just saying, Aussie rock fans won big time this weekend.

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While we’re still here, let us also recommend you to check out Marvell’s music in any music streaming platform of your choice. The quintet has quite a few songs out which are perfect for all the rock fans out there. Particularly, our faves are ‘Come a Little Closer,’ and ‘Prison Brain.’ Then come back and let us know your thoughts. Meanwhile, we’ll be streaming ‘Needle’ and crying some more.

What did you think of ‘Needle?’ Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! We’ll love to hear from you!

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