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The Bee’s Knees: Artist’s On The Rise

The Bee’s Knees: Artist’s On The Rise

Welcome back to this week’s roundup of some of the most exquisite on-the-rise artists! We can’t wait to share with you all the phenomenal new tunes we’ve got this week! From indie pop to rap, we’ve got quite the mix, and we’re sure you’ll find a new song to love no matter what your favorite genre is!

‘Wednesday’ – Harriette

If you are a fan of HAIM, then you are in for a real treat with Harriette and her newest incredible track. ‘Wednesday’ is the perfect track to put a little pep-in-your-step and get you out of the mid-week slump. The song was created during a series for TikTok, where she spent a week writing a song from each weekday’s perspective. It’s the perfect blend of witty lyrics, spunky vocals, and retro rhythms to create a kaleidoscope of immaculate perfection! This song will be top of our playlists this week, and we are lowkey hoping to get an EP with all of the days of the week songs! Go and stream the song here!

‘Paper Home’ – Natty Paynter

Do you need a tissue? Because we’ve got enough to go around! Natty’s goose-bump-inducing vocals are on full display in this latest track, and all the emotions she makes us feel with just a single word and musical note have us sobbing on the bedroom floor. The powerful yet harrowing lyrics haunt us like a ghost as the story of a family falling to pieces plays out with every word. It’s raw, emotional, and unbelievably heart-shattering. You can stream the single here!

‘Need More’ – PLANET

PLANET is a suitable name for this quartet as their music is astronomical and takes us to another planet with every note. Their latest track, ‘Need More,’ is out-of-this-world in more ways than one! With an unconventional sound, PLANET came to show that they have what it takes to play in the big leagues. Leaning more towards a rock sound, the guitar-heavy beats, poetic piano harmonies, and riveting melodies set them apart from other bands on the scene! You can stream the single here!

‘Love Gets Me Down’ – Little Victories

This trio has given us the exact amount of serotonin we needed to make it through the rest of 2021. ‘Love Gets Me Down’ is a sculptural masterpiece! The emotionally-rich lyrics detail a rough mental health time in which everyone around doesn’t understand why. It’s safe to say that’s a situation many of us have sadly gone through, and knowing we’re not alone makes our bad days easier. This song came out at the perfect time, and we can’t get enough of streaming it! You can stream it here!

‘Always Been You’ – Jessie Murph

Wow, just wow. This song is infinitely mesmerizing. Jessie’s breathtaking vocals, textured melodies, and indulgent harmonies fuse to create an almost transcendent experience: an other-worldly experience. ‘Always Been You’ is the perfect track to put Jessie on your radar if you haven’t started listening to her yet, and you can stream it here!

‘Nothing’s Ever Gonna Be Good Enough’ – Miles Kane x Corinne Bailey Rae

A collab we never expected, but now that we’ve got it, we’re not sure how we ever lived without it! This feel-good song sounds like it belongs on the setlist of Pat Benetar or a Broadway production, specifically The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and we’re debating becoming playwrights just to make that happen! It’s got all the greatest qualities: it’s danceable, entertaining, and exceptionally catchy! This is going on all of our everyday playlists to give our days a boost! You can also stream it here!

‘This Is How I Learn To Say No’ – Emeline

Do yourself a favor and go ahead and add this banger to your playlists immediately! The percussion-soaked beats and intoxicating vocals make for one empowering anthem all about setting boundaries and reclaiming your power and who you are! LOOK OUT WORLD, this song is about to be our 2022 anthem, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us! Go and stream it here!

‘Do You See Me?’ – Mal De Mer

Once again, we’re going to throw it back with this delightful work of art. ‘Do You See Me?’ mixes new age pop with old skill funk, and that combination gives this 6-piece a reason to stand out from the crowd! The music, while invigorating, is deceiving for the meaning behind this conceptual masterpiece: the tough, dramatic reclamation of personal power that occurs when a toxic relationship ends. Don’t mind us if we vibe to this throughout 2022! You can stream it here!

‘California Dreamin” – Chris Lorenzo (Vintage Culture Remix) Ft. High Jinx

A modern take on a classic song, Chris Lorenzo’s reimagined version of The Mamas & The Papas hit has garnered over 3.5 Million global streams, and we suspect this new Vintage Culture remix is about to send it to the next level. With such stratospheric EDM rhythms, they took this track and added an indulgent stylistic element we never would have expected, but it makes this song fresh and fierce, and that’s what we love to see with these types of remixes! You can stream it here!

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‘Take A Chance’ – SERA

If you see us grooving along to this song in public and making up dances – mind ya business! Or don’t, so we can talk about how exhilarating this song is! We got hooked from the first note, and we keep coming back for more! It’s got such a hypnotic, inviting sound, and SERA’s lush vocals are the cherry on top of the cake for us! It’s just one of those songs that put you in a good mood, and that’s exactly the kind of song we were looking for! You can stream it here!

ASHY- Ash Olsen

AT LONG LAST! The ASHY EP has graced us with its presence! Ash herself said she’s been working on this EP for a long time, but we say it was 1000% worth the long wait! With an eight-track lineup, this EP is sure to give you your Ash Olsen fix; we know we have been reveling in it! Our favorite track, though, is her latest release, ‘DAT THING LIKE ME.’ The vocals and rhythms give off some serious Billie Eilish vibes- if Billie were to dabble in rap music. It’s seriously hypnotic, and we’re sure it will leave a lasting impression on all those blessed enough to hear it! You can stream the EP here

There you have it, honey poppers! Another week of The Bee’s Knees in the bag! We are stoked about these latest releases, and we hope you enjoyed them as much as we did! Which song was your favorite this week? Did you discover a new artist to deep dive into? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor- THP Graphic Design Team

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