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10 Songs That Remind Us Of Calum Hood

10 Songs That Remind Us Of Calum Hood

Songs are magical works of art. They can take you back to a different time, and remind you of special moments. And there are some songs that we just cannot hear without thinking of a specific person. And obviously, there’s no one we’d rather be reminded of than our favorite musicians. So we started thinking… what songs remind us of the sensation… the bodacious… Calum Hood? And here is the list we came up with.

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‘Pierre’ By Ryn Weaver

Okay, this song was perfect for this list, because, in case you’ve forgotten despite his many reminders, Calum Hood is the bassist of 5sos. Seriously, we cannot hear the lyrics “and then I found me a lover who could play the bass, he’s kinda quiet, but his body ain’t” without thinking of our favorite bassist, Calum. It’s the most obvious choice.

Calum Hood
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‘Home’ By BTS

Much like the person BTS is singing about in this song, Calum provides that feeling of home for many of us. When we’re down and going through a tough time he has been known to make us feel a sense of comfort and belonging.

Calum Hood

‘F*ck Feelings’ By Olivia O’Brien

Olivia‘s entire discography gives off total Calum vibes, but we think this one was the best fit. So, we all know that 5sos’s ‘Babylon’ is the Calum Hood song, right? Well in this song he’s singing about how the relationship failed because the feelings, both good and bad, were just too strong to last. That sounds like more of a reason than any to shout ‘F*ck Feelings!’

‘Tequila’ By Dan + Shay

Some of you may remember when Calum posted a video on his Instagram story singing this Dan + Shay hit. We’ve got to admit, ever since then we haven’t been able to hear ‘Tequila’ without hearing him sing along in our minds. This song will forever remind us of Cal.

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ By Nirvana

We’ve known that 5sos are big Nirvana fans ever since the beginning. They even mentioned a Cobain shirt way back in the day with “How Did We End Up Here.” So naturally, Nirvana reminds us of 5sos. But ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ has the most Calum vibes in our opinion.

‘You’re my Best Friend’ By Queen

Calum seems like the greatest, most loyal best friend there is, from the friendship song he sang for Ashton to all of the pictures of him with his besties. We’ve got a feeling that he brightens his friends’ lives when they’re feeling down, and he’s always there for them. That’s why this Queen song reminds us of him so much.

Calum Hood
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‘On My Own’ By Niall Horan

Does anyone else remember that interview where everyone was talking about their relationships and Calum informed us all that love sucks and it’s all a scam? We think about that a lot, and now we can’t listen to ‘On My Own’ without thinking of Calum and his distaste for love.

Calum Hood

‘Love Yourself’ By Justin Bieber

Calum may be a quiet man, but when he does talk he’s got quite a bit of sass. That’s why Justin‘s sassy lyrics in ‘Love Yourself’ remind us of Calum so much. We could totally hear him singing something like this!

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‘Kiwi’ By Harry Styles

So at first glance, we chose this song for simple reasons. The song is called ‘Kiwi’ and Calum is half ‘Kiwi.’ However, we feel like this is also a song he totally loves to jam out to. Come on, ‘Kiwi’ is such an upbeat, rock-inspired song. We can definitely see Calum bouncing around backstage singing this song at the top of his lungs.

‘Hotel Room Service’ By Pitbull

Okay, so after a long discussion at THP HQ, we all agreed that this song reminds us of Calum. Why is that? Well, none of us could quite put a finger on it. It just gives off major Calum vibes, that’s all we know. Not everything has to have some in-depth explanation.

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What do you think of our list? Is there a song that reminds you of Calum Hood that we missed? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @thehoneypop.

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