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10 Songs That Remind Us Of Luke Hemmings

10 Songs That Remind Us Of Luke Hemmings

As 5SOS Fam, we have loved Luke Hemmings from the days of the iconic quiff and lip ring to all the skinny jeans and pointy boot combos of the Sounds Good Feels Good era, to the silky, sparkly rockstar vibes of Youngblood, to the sophistication and maturity of CALM, and to now, a man who has come into his own. We’ve all grown up together through the awkward stages, the hard times, and the triumphant moments. Watching Luke grow into the artist he is today with the release of his solo album When Facing The Things We Turn Away From has been nothing short of inspirational.

To celebrate 10 years of loving 5SOS and Luke Hemmings, we rounded up 10 songs that remind us of our favorite blonde-curled, glitter-streaked, golden-voiced lead singer!

Image Source: Luke Hemmings via Instagram

1. ‘Please Don’t Go’ By Mike Posner

We have to kick this list off way back at the beginning with this 2010 Mike Posner classic. Anytime we hear this song, we can’t help but think of fetus Luke with his quintessential pink speakers, swoopy hair, and guitar on YouTube crooning “baby please don’t go” in his thick Aussie accent.

2. ‘Wonderwall’ By Oasis

Aussie rap, anyone? This polarizing 90s jam always takes us back to the good old days of 5SOS on Keek! We’ll never forget Luke and Ashton creating the iconic Aussie rap freestyle in their hotel room to the tune of ‘Wonderwall.’

3. ‘The Anthem’ By Good Charlotte

Pop-punk takes us right back to the beginnings of 5SOS, back in the days of ‘She Looks So Perfect’ releasing and the height of the lip ring era. And how can you get more pop-punk classic than this banger? Plus, it was the first album Luke ever bought, so we have the influence of The Young and the Hopeless to thank for inspiring future 5SOS via Luke.

4. ‘House of Gold’ By Twenty One Pilots

We all know how important Liz Hemmings was during the early years of 5SOS, and of course how much Luke loves and respects his mom. This TØP song written about Tyler Joseph’s mom gives us strong Luke and Liz vibes when we think of how he was a kid following his dreams with his mom supporting him with lyrics like “So I just might become someone / She asked me, son, when I grow old / Will you buy me a house of gold?”

5. ‘Superstar’ By Taylor Swift

These lyrics speak for themselves – “You smile that beautiful smile / And all the girls in the front row scream your name / So dim that spotlight, tell me things like ‘I can’t take my eyes off of you’ / I’m no one special, just another wide-eyed girl / Who’s desperately in love with you / Give me a photograph to hang on my wall / Superstar.” It captures the age-old feeling of being a fan in the crowd at your favorite show, watching the artist who captivates you. Luke’s powerful stage presence certainly fits this vibe!

6. ‘Ribs’ By Lorde

As fans, we grow up with the artists we love, and for many of us, as we listened to 5SOS we were the same age or close in age to the members themselves. Growing up is bittersweet, both artistically and emotionally, and ‘Ribs’ captures that feeling in Lorde’s ethereal style. This song makes us reminisce of the past and how far we’ve all come, especially Luke.

7. ‘Pluto Projector’ By Rex Orange County

You know that artist that makes you feel seen and understood? Luke Hemmings is definitely one of those artists, and WFTTWTAF is proof. The comforting vibe of this song makes us think of that feeling – “I don’t think I’m meant to understand myself / Maybe you do / And that’s good for you / Maybe in time / Maybe one day / I’ll do the same.” Plus, now that Luke is engaged, the meaning behind the song as a tribute to the writer’s longtime girlfriend hits as we’ve watched him reach this milestone in life.

8. ‘Golden’ By Harry Styles

From his blonde hair to his infectious laugh, to his shiny boots, to his electric stage presence, to his golden voice, this Harry Styles song just screams Luke Hemmings. After all, he’s our golden boy!

In the past few years, Luke has begun to explore fashion and personal style and embraced fearlessness, and that definitely makes him golden.

9. ‘Don’t Come Down’ / ‘Black Butterflies & Deja Vu’ By The Maine

We’re cheating a little with this one by combining two songs in one, but to be fair, both of these songs carry similar energy and that energy screams Luke Hemmings! ‘Don’t Come Down’ conveys what it feels like to connect with an artist at a show as it goes “To the lows and every high / The hellos and the goodbyes / In this moment, I could die with you / Never felt like this feel before / Dizzy, drunk, and beautiful / In this moment, I let go with you.” If there’s one thing 5SOS is gonna do, it’s perform, and as the lead singer, Luke is an expert at commanding the stage and building that connection with the fans in the crowd.

And as fans, when the lights go down and you hear that first note, struck by the magic of it all, ‘Black Butterflies & Deja Vu’ says it best – “I lose my voice when I look at you / Can’t make a noise though I’m trying to.”

10. ‘He Could Be The One’ By Hannah Montana

You know we gotta end with a bang – who’s the epitome of “Smooth talkin’, so rockin’ / He’s got everything that a girl’s wantin’ / Guitar cutie, he plays it groovy”? Duh, it’s Luke Hemmings.

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We hope this list expressed our full love and admiration for Luke Hemmings, and honestly, we could keep going indefinitely. We’re so proud of the person Luke has become and the example he sets for young people!

Happy 10 years of 5SOS!

What songs remind you of Luke? We wanna know in the comments below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Elizabeth Miranda

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