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10 Songs That Remind Us Of Michael Clifford

10 Songs That Remind Us Of Michael Clifford

We could write a novel on how heavily our hearts beat for one guitarist – Michael Clifford. He’s kind-hearted, talented, loves dogs, and his smile lights up a room. We adore and admire everything about him, and sometimes (every day of our lives), a song will come on that makes us think of him.

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That innovative thinking has brought us here, Michael stans, where we’ve created a list of ten of those Michael songs to share with you lovely lot! The suspense is killing us, so let’s get right into it!

‘Teenagers’ – My Chemical Romance

Michael loves My Chemical Romance. We love My Chemical Romance. Everyone loves My Chemical Romance. Choosing an MCR song, however, was the hard part. We chose ‘Teenagers’ as more of a humorous option, and all we think about is Michael when we listen to it!

‘Check Yes Juliet’ – We The Kings

We all remember the iconic moment when Michael and Luke covered this track on their YouTube channel. It’s a fan favorite moment due to the way it made us all laugh at Michael’s little name slip up and forgetting the lyrics. It made that cover all that much better for us despite Luke and Michael hating it. It’s going to live on forever because every time we hear the original, we can’t help but reminisce.

‘Paper Rings’ – Taylor Swift

Michael simps unite! This song is fun and flirty and makes us want to serenade Michael Clifford with our whole chests. We can’t help but think how lucky Crystal is to have someone as amazing as Michael, and we’ll be over here forever alone.

‘Stupid For You’ – Waterparks

Another song for the simps out there, ‘Stupid For You,’ not only shows how much we love Michael but can also represent fans going all out to support the band. For example, pulling all-nighters for streaming and charts numbers, buying excessive amounts of merch, spending ungodly amounts on concert tickets, etc., but to be honest with you, we don’t regret a single minute of simping or being stans. This is who we are.

‘Voldemort’ – With Confidence

This song is about the stigma surrounding mental health, and we know Michael has had his fair share of mental health struggles, as we all do. But we want him to know that he’s not alone and that we have his back always! Just like he once said, “Real bands save fans, real fans save bands,” and we will stand by that oath for all of eternity.

‘Sk8er Boi’ – Avril Lavigne

Besides being an Avril classic, this screams Michael vibes. A pop-punk/punk rock gem just like Michael and his killer style. We think he’s grown into it more now that he’s older, and we are living for it.

‘thnks fr th mmrs’ – Fall Out Boy

Everyone loves Fall Out Boy, especially this song in particular, but we always think of Michael when we listen to it for a couple of reasons. No.1: imagine Michael doing a cover of this with his mesmerizing vocals(PLEASE MICHAEL), and No 2. we’ve had a lot of memories not just with Michael but with the band as a whole, and it’s been one heck of a ride.

‘Sweet Creature’ – Harry Styles

Michael Clifford is single-handedly the sweetest “creature” in existence. He’s just a ray of sunshine in the darkest of times, and no matter what we are going through or what emotions we feel, we know we can always count on Michael to cheer us up and add a little glimmer of happiness to our lives. We must protect him at all costs.

‘No Judgement’ – Niall Horan

Michael is one of the most accepting and loving humans ever. He’s never judgmental towards other people, and we know that being his friend would be one of the greatest and safest experiences of your life. Please, Michael, let us in the friend group!

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‘About the Boy’ – Little Mix

We’ve spent a lot of this article simping for this man, but you can’t blame us! Just like this song says, “there’s just something about the boy” that is hypnotizing and draws us to him. His smile is so warm and inviting, and we love him, okay? Get off our backs!

Okay, honey poppers, there you have it, ten songs that remind us of the most wholesome man on the planet, Michael Clifford. Which of the ten songs do you feel remind you of Michael the most? Do you have any songs that remind you of him? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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