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Our Love For GSoul’s New EP Is Only ‘Natural’

Our Love For GSoul’s New EP Is Only ‘Natural’

December 2nd will forever mark the day GSoul gifted the world with his first-ever English EP Natural. Wrapped in strikingly emotional vocals, The Voice of Korea of 2020 delivers a powerful and heartfelt selection of songs. And it’s an R&B masterpiece! There’s so much genius playing through the tracks of this EP that it’s only ‘Natural’ to celebrate each piece. So, we’ll go over the majestic new work of “The Korean Pink Sweat$” and explore together the reasons behind the magic of this EP. Ready the lights, get settled and comfy… and just push play!

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A Mighty Will To Stay ‘By Our Side’

This first tune reveals how effortlessly GSoul conveys an R&B vibe. The pace is just right and his vocals carry with ease the soul of this track. Also, who doesn’t fall for lyrics such as these:

Feeling mighty great to know I got you

Ride or die just keep me high

When I’m with you

What have you done I don’t know

Give me reasons I gotta stay

On it ‘cause I just need you (ye-yeah)

GSoul in ‘By My Side’

A ‘Natural’ Knack For Love

Giving off a more acoustic bit of flavor, GSoul goes all in! ‘Natural’ has so many levels of genius. Maybe it’s the easy beat that guides the song, or the emotion-packed lyrics… Or it might even be GSoul’s voice that delivers so much. Whichever level you pick, we feel it’s a killer combo through and through! And this MV, with some soothing visuals, will certainly allow you to embrace and enjoy this tune wholeheartedly!

‘Free (I’m Gonna Be)’ And While At It, Will Free Us Too

Just at the heart of this new EP, we find a glimpse of GSoul most inner thoughts and feelings. In this track, a deep beat announces we are about to get some revelation. And we are not disappointed! GSoul pleads: “all I want is to be me and that shouldn’t be something so hard to do.” Just there, with that single line, he unravels a universe of emotions. And somehow, as he unloads and frees himself, he starts freeing us too.

I’m gonna be just wanna be I’m tryna be

Free from me free from me

No more settling for any less than I deserve

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GSoul in ‘Free (I’m Gonna Be)’

‘Another Day’ To Enjoy His Musical Talent

At this point of the EP, GSoul turns to jazz and gives us a more upbeat tune. In ‘Another Day’ we confirm that no matter the flavor, GSoul hits all the right notes! And we love discovering new takes to his musical talent as we enjoy the respite his comeback has given us. December has a new addition to its playlist and it comes hand in hand with this Korean star!

Bonus Track: ‘Natural (Korean Version)’

To wrap up this review on the latest work of GSoul, it’s nice to get to enjoy this version of ‘Natural!’ It just proves that The Voice of Korea 2020 is the very definition of talent. No matter the language he sings in.

So, what do you think of GSoul’s new EP? Are you naturally hooked with it as we are? Please tell us in the comments below or via Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. And you can always follow us on Instagram and Facebook for new content and updates on music releases and so much more!

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Featured Image Source: GSoul – Courtesy of Warner Music Korea

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