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Through The Years: The Evolution Of 5SOS

Through The Years: The Evolution Of 5SOS

5 Seconds of Summer has been a band for a decade, and as you can imagine, they have had a lot of success and made a lot of beautiful memories in that time. It makes us feel emotional because we literally grew up with them. We’ve been there to witness every milestone in their careers and lives, every award, and every hilarious moment. However, you’d be surprised if we had to list every 5SOS step over the last ten years. Guess what? We kind of did. Of course, it would be impossible to include everything in a single article. But if you want to travel through time with us and remember the things that made us happy, dive in! Let’s take a look at how this successful band, 5SOS, has evolved over the years.

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2011: From Hemmo1996 To 5 Seconds Of Summer

The story of 5SOS begins with Luke Hemmings posting his first cover. ‘Please Don’t Go’ by Mike Posner, was posted on his Youtube channel named “hemmo1996” on February 3, 2011. Then, after a couple of cover videos of the boy with pink speakers, on April 16, we see two other boys on the channel named Michael Clifford and Calum Hood, announcing that they are a band now and their name is 5 Seconds of Summer. Then the first cover under the band’s name arrives, ‘I Miss You’ by Blink 182.

However, the first massive milestone of these three boys’ careers happened when they decided to play their first show in The Annandale Hotel. In need of a drummer, Michael messages Ashton Irwin and asks him to play a show on December 3, 2011. After the very first show that they have performed as four members band to 12 people, Luke, Michael, and Calum officially asked Ashton to join the band. And 5SOS gets completed.

2012: First Steps To The International Success

The sound of the steps to international success started to be heard in 2012, especially when on February 9, 2012, #5SecondsOfSummer trends on Twitter after their ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ cover by One Direction. Our favorite underground band of back then starts to play shows in Australia. Their very first studio record Unplugged EP gets released, their very first Australian tour, The Twenty Twelve Tour begins. After a successful summer full of shows, Twitter verifies the band account. In October, the boys announced that they would be the opening act for Hot Chelle Rae’s Australian tour by a lip-sync video to the band’s hit, ‘Tonight Tonight.’ That video makes us emotional still today. 

The whole game changes when Louis Tomlinson shows his support towards 5SOS on Twitter. Taking advantage of their recognition getting bigger and bigger every day, 5SOS releases ‘Out Of My Limit’ music video. Then they come up with one of the most precious things in their career. Our young and incredibly talented boys release Somewhere New EP in December, the first release with songs written by only 5SOS. Somewhere New still holds a huge, unique place in our hearts, and the songs in it are still fan favorites even after a bunch of EPs and four albums. Their first single, ‘Out Of My Limit,’ makes us wanna sob every time we hear it. If it hasn’t changed in ten years, it looks like it won’t ever change.

2013: “Hey, We’re Taking On The World”

2013 is when 5SOS experience many “firsts” in their careers. Even Michael dyes his hair for the first time during 2013, so, yes, so many firsts. And probably, some of us meet with their music for the first time this year. After leaving home at such a young age to move to London and work on their first album at the end of 2012, many unpredictable things start to happen to our boys. On February 22, they release the ‘Heartbreak Girl’ music video (if they keep hating this lovely song, we swear to God), and right after the music video, on February 23, they start to take on the world with One Direction by being the opening act for them during Take Me Home Tour. On May 3, ‘Heartbreak Girl’ hits 1M and becomes their first song with a million views. 

When the Take Me Home Tour is on breaks, they keep working hard as their lives depend on it. They go back to Australia for Pants Down Tour, they shoot and release ‘Try Hard’ and ‘Wherever You Are’ music videos. Then, they win their first award by Channel V as the Artist Of The Year. Oh, and, also, we have missed such an important detail about this year. Sorry! This is the year we have met with Ketchup The Dog.

2014: First Album, First Hit

Here we are, the first golden age of our beautiful boys. For some of us, 2014 was highly emotional because we witnessed the band we have been trying to gatekeep becoming extremely popular, but for some of us, this was the year we got a chance to hear their music for the first time. 5SOS begins 2014 with the launch of Hi Or Hey Records, which is 5SOS’ own record in partnership with Capitol Records. Right after this huge step, they release their first biggest hit, ‘She Looks So Perfect,’ on February 21, and a music video follows the release on February 24. And you know what happens next, 5SOS gets HUGE. We start to hear them on radios worldwide. We listen to people talking about them, we see them getting nominated for many awards. After the release of She Looks So Perfect EP on March 23, 5SOS goes on a five-day-long Europe tour called 5 Countries in 5 Days to promote the EP. And yep, it does its magic. 

They have their first North American tour named Stars, Stripes, and Maple Syrup, they have an Australian tour called There’s No Place Like Home, and meanwhile, they keep winning awards, releasing new singles, even starting to perform in award shows. They join One Direction once more on Where We Are Tour as the next step. Then, the huge day comes. June 27, the day they released their Self-Titled album. It is still unbelievable to us that they have managed a lot of success without an album. On August 14, they win two Teen Choice Awards. On August 24, they win a VMA award. On November 23, they win an AMA award. But if we have to highlight another moment of this year, that should be the night they performed at Forum. And to add a cherry to the top of a successful year, 5SOS release their very first live album, LIVESOS.

2015: The Kings Of The New Broken Scene

Followed by their great success in 2014, 2015 was also a massive year for four Aussie boys that have us in a chokehold. The most important thing that happened this year is releasing the fan-favorite album Sounds Good Feels Good, but we’ll get there. On February 25, at the beginning of the year, 5SOS completes one of their biggest dreams, a headline show in Japan. JapanSOS is something we will remember till our dying breathes because they were so excited to be in Japan, and Japan fans greeted the boys in the airport with huge hype. After two days of their first headline show in Japan, they also experience one of the lasts in their career. 5SOS opens for One Direction on the Japan leg of their On The Road Again Tour for the last time. 

When calendars show May, 5SOS hit the road for their Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour, the band’s first world tour. They perform at huge places with sold-out tickets. While still on the road, they announce the first single off their second album, ‘She’s Kinda Hot.’ Now, time to complain. We still can’t believe these boys made us watch two hours long live stream of a graffiti artist drawing the ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ symbol on the wall. Yep, nothing else happened on the live stream, just this. Then, not so long after the release of ‘She’s Kinda Hot,’ the band announces Sounds Good Feels Good and gives the fans who pre-order the album ‘Jet Black Heart.’ In September, their first worldwide tour ROWYSO ends, and on October 23, we finally meet Sounds Good Feels Good.

SGFG Era is one of the most important eras of 5SOS’ careers because they took a huge risk to connect more with their fans. SGFG isn’t made for the charts even though it is the first step they take after the glorious success of Self-Titled. Instead, SGFG is made for the fans. So for the first time, we got to see the vulnerabilities of the boys, and they showed their scars to us by basically telling us, “Look, you are not alone. You got us. We are in this together.” And this is basically how The New Broken Scene movement was born.

“We want to write real songs for real people, real issues that everyone has in this room, everyone watching at home. Everyone’s got their problems, everyone got their demons, and we want to be the band for you. We want to be here for you because we have sh*t going as well. […]But that’s okay. […] We want to mean something to you.”
Ashton at The New Broken Scene, Live From Atlanta

2016: 5 Years Of 5SOS

2016 is a quiet one for the band, but that’s okay because, as fans, we knew that they were taking the time they needed for a long time. On July 15, the band releases ‘Girls Talk Boys,’ a song from the original Ghostbusters Soundtrack. On December 3, for their fifth anniversary, the boys release all b-sides, rarities, and EPs on all platforms.

2017: “Here’s To Teenage Memories”

5SOS keeps resting in 2017. Sometimes they go to the studio, they enjoy their lives, and we miss them every day, but as we have said, that’s okay, as long as they are okay. This is the year we have first get to chance to meet Petunia, Luke’s dog, and again, this is the year the youngest member of 5SOS, Luke, turns 21. And here we are, we have a completely adult band in front of us.

At the beginning of the year, ONE OK ROCK releases ‘Take What You Want’ featuring 5SOS. Later, 5SOS announces that they will be performing at festivals this year, and in September, we witness one of the 5SOS’ most significant performances of all time at the Rock In Rio Festival.

2018: We’re Always Gonna Want Them Back

2018 is another milestone year for 5SOS. At the beginning of the year, 5SOS starts to tease 5SOSFAM on Twitter about the new era, and on February 22, they release ‘Want You Back.’ Apart from introducing the new sound of 5SOS as the first single from their third album, ‘Want You Back’ also becomes the first song the band released after almost three years. In March, the band hits the road again for the 5SOS III Tour, the promo tour of their new album Youngblood. After spending a huge part of the year promoting their new sound, they release Youngblood on June 15, and they become the first band to have their first three albums reach number one on Billboard. 

On August 2, Meet You There Tour, the band’s third worldwide tour begins, and meanwhile, ‘Youngblood’ becomes more popular every day and helps the band become more and more known. 5SOS finishes the year on December 21 by releasing the Meet You There Tour Live.

2019: “Sometimes You’re The Only Thing I Know”

And, 2019! 2019 begins with Michael and Crystal’s engagement announcement, and as you can guess, the fandom bawls their eyes from the happiness. As a fandom that promised to protect Michael at all costs, his joy has become our happiness. Of course, we keep getting new music this year, too, starting with The Chainsmokers’ ‘Who Do You Love’ featuring 5SOS. The bands later go on tour together with World War Joy Tour, and 5SOS starts to get recognized by the people who are into a completely different genre. We also get the first taste from their fourth studio album, CALM with ‘Easier’ and ‘Teeth.’

5SOS announces their new project, Friends Of Friends, this year. They say that Friends Of Friends is an organization that will support all kinds of artists no matter who they are or the music they make. To promote Friends Of Friends, they have a showcase event on The Sayer’s Club, and on that night, many artists such as Yeya, Sierra, and Alexander 23 hits the stage.

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2020: The ‘Best Years’

Our favorite band keeps giving us the ‘Best Years’ with 2020, and their fanbase grows every day. First, they announce No Shame Tour 2020, which is later postponed due to the pandemic. They perform at Fire Fight Australia on February 16 to support their country after horrible wildfires. When they are in Australia, they shoot ‘Old Me’ music video, which still makes us cry every time we watch it. 

On March 27, we finally get their fourth album, CALM, and it becomes our support system during the whole pandemic. During the anxious days when we have no idea what will happen next, we start to 5SOS on Zoom interviews and live streams to promote their album, and once again, they become our comfort band. In August, ‘Youngblood’ hits 1 billion streams on Spotify and becomes one of the biggest successes of the band’s career.

Ashton enters a new era by announcing his first solo project, Superbloom as an independent artist in September. Right after the announcement, Superbloom takes its place in our hearts, but it gets deeper when Ashton releases Superbloom on October 23, 2020. For the first time in the band’s history, we see a member of 5SOS being incredibly vulnerable and loud about his struggles, and we don’t even know where to begin to thank Ashton for sharing such a personal album with us.

 2021: Shoutout To The Old 5SOS

After taking a little break from social media platforms to spend their time with their loved ones and themselves, do the things they enjoy, and probably cancel to do because of the band’s strict schedule, in March, 5SOS breaks Twitter Spaces. Yep, and just like Michael Clifford once says, “We blame Luke.” In April, 5SOS starts to tease us about 5SOS5 by posting photos from the studio, and meanwhile, our precious Michael Clifford goes back to Twitch for his streams to connect with his fans. 

On June 8, Luke creates the first crack on the fandom by announcing that he and Sierra got engaged but breaks the fandom when he announces his first solo project, When Facing The Things We Turn Away From on June 30. Seriously, Luke, pay our therapies because you attacked us out of nowhere, mate. After Ashton’s Superbloom, which is the first solo project of the band history, Luke releases, like Ashton, such a personal album to talk about his own problems on August 13. 

And, there comes September! This one is special because we see our favorite band performing on stage after two years, for Global Citizen. After a couple of months, the band keeps teasing us about the new music, the chaotic 5SOS stream on Michael’s twitch, the end of November comes, and 5SOS starts to count the days to their 10th anniversary. On November 24, 2021, the band posts the first episode of their podcast 5 Seconds of Summer Talk 10 Years with the first episode, ‘2021.’ Of course, they don’t stop attacking us and announce 5 Seconds Of Summer Show and a new song called ‘2011’ to celebrate our ten years with 5SOS.

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