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7 BTS Remixes To Revisit In Honor Of ‘Butter (Holiday Remix)’

7 BTS Remixes To Revisit In Honor Of ‘Butter (Holiday Remix)’

ARMYs, just in time for the holiday season, BTS are back with another holiday remix to bring all the festive vibes! BTS are the kings of remixes, and that’s probably because their music is simply so diverse and just plain so good that you can’t go wrong.

‘Butter’ was undeniably the song of the summer, and with the addition of cozy jingle bells, warm saxophone, and its consistently bright energy, ‘Butter’ has transformed from a summer jam to the perfect holiday jam.

BTS have had a busy year despite not releasing a full album. ‘Butter’ continued their record-breaking reputation, spending ten weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Plus, coupled with their single ‘Permission to Dance,’ BTS’ smash hits this year grabbed them several awards including Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards and their second nomination in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category from the GRAMMYs.

Most recently, the group performed their first in-person concert, BTS: PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE, in LA at SoFi Stadium to over 200,000 fans across four nights. The shows were a massive success and bright spot of joy for ARMYs and BTS alike.

After reuniting with ARMYs and persevering through the year and a great run in LA, ‘Butter (Holiday Remix)’ is the best gift ARMY could ask for. We can’t wait to play this remix as we sit by a fireplace and sip hot cocoa!

So, in honor of the new remix, we’re reminiscing on some of the best BTS remixes of the past!

‘Butter (Cooler Remix)’

This remix gave an extra layer to the retro, funky vibes of ‘Butter.’ With its old-school swag and cool synths, the cooler remix gets everyone on their feet moving to the beat.

‘MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)’

With ‘MIC Drop,’ Steve Aoki took an already incredible record and elevated it even more. The original track at 3 minutes and 58 seconds has millions of streams, but the Steve Aoki remix that clocks in at just over 5 minutes long boasts a little over 100 million more streams, proving just how massive this remix is. Steve Aoki’s production makes the song hit harder, giving the boys more layers to play with and making it timelessly unique.

‘Dynamite (Poolside Remix)’

Dynamite‘ is one of the most joyful songs in BTS’ catalog, and this remix makes it feel even more carefree. The addition of EDM-like production and new vocal arrangements make this version a little more playful and a little sunnier. It’s perfect for a pool party or beach day – light and airy and happy.

‘Fake Love (Rocking Vibe Mix)’

This ‘Fake Love’ remix turns a fan-favorite into a beloved remix that creates a grittier, more intense mood with guitar and heavier drums. This remix truly showcases BTS’ ability to dip into any genre and still absolutely kill it!

‘Make It Right (Feat. Lauv) [Acoustic Remix]’

‘Make It Right’ paired with Lauv, an artist known for his infectious hooks and chill pop vibe makes for an intensely catchy tune in this acoustic version. It’s still the hooky, sweet bop it originally was, but laidback for maximum chill vibes!

‘Like (Slow Jam Remix)’

‘Like,’ an R&B and hip-hop-influenced early song from 2 Cool 4 Skool is already a smooth track alone, but the slow jam takes a buttery spin on it, making everything a little softer and a little sultry.

‘Run (Ballad Mix)’

A high-energy banger in its original version, putting a slow spin on ‘Run’ was an ingenious move. The ballad mix turns the song into a sweeping epic, full of magic and intrigue. This remix, more than any other, shows how a new story and perspective can be created through production choices alone.

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There you have it! If you feel like shaking things up, try throwing on some BTS remixes for a change of pace.

Stream ‘Butter (Holiday Remix)’ here!

What’s your fave BTS remix? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of BIGHIT Music

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