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ONF Say The ‘Show Must Go On’ With Goosebumps

ONF Say The ‘Show Must Go On’ With Goosebumps

We know we’ve been getting a decent amount of releases from ONF in 2021, but it feels like we’ve been waiting for ages for new ONF songs!

So, the sixth mini-album Goosebumps was much anticipated for many reasons, and oh did they release it with a bang.

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If you’re a Fuse or part of the ONF bubble, you heard that in early November, they announced that five out of the six members will be enlisting in the military. Meaning this will be their last (for now) release together, which has us, and Fuse, balling our eyes out, and rightfully so!

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Goosebumps, starts off with the title track ‘Goosebumps,’ and well like all of ONF’s title tracks, it always catches you off guard. Okay, but can we talk about the EDM build-up, and drop at the end of the track, probably our favorite part in the song. The build-up of the track was done perfectly, started off slow, quickened the tempo, and then threw us for a loop. We always love ONF’s MV’s specifically for the futuristic, dystopian looks. Don’t forget to check out the MV and find all the hidden references.

If you, like us, enjoyed the ending of ‘Goosebumps,’ specifically the “bum, bum, bum” part, then you should check out ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ from their album ONF:MY NAME.


If you are a fan of ‘Cat & Dog’ from TXT you will love ‘Whistle,’ for obvious reasons. But to be fair the lyrics are actually kind of deep, and have a hidden meaning, then just being about your s.o. not recognizing you because you’re a cat. We think they wanted to make something deep, while at the same time making it playful, and did it perfectly. Honestly, we really love the track and the added little meows.

If you loved ‘Whistle’ you should check out ‘Cat’s Waltz,’ ONF have a cat theme going on.

There is even a ‘Whistle’ challenge going on right now over on Twitter, where you basically post pictures of your cats, which a couple of members already jumped on.

‘Fat and Sugar’

Honestly, ‘Fat and Sugar’ is so freaking catchy, it could be the repetitive lyrics, we’re not really sure. But we kinda fell for this b-side. It’s a track that instantly gets you hooked with the lyrics and cool backtracks. The intro is also very ear-pleasing with the crescendo of their voices, and the way it sounds like it goes from one to the other!

If you loved ‘Fat and Sugar,’ you’ll love ‘Trip Advisor’ both are really catchy, and will have you dancing.


Now let’s slow it down with ‘Alarm.’ In this ballad, the group gets to show off their isolated vocals with an accompanying loop beat, and piano backtrack. We know we say we love this track to every ONF song, but we mean it wholeheartedly, ‘Alarm’ may be sneaking up on our list of fave ONF songs. We just can’t get over the vocals! ONF really put everything into this track.

If you loved ‘Alarm’ you should check out ‘I.T.I.L.U’ it’s another track we love so much and their vocals stand out exceptionally in this track.

‘Show Must Go On’

If you haven’t noticed yet, we are suckers for build-ups in intros, so we couldn’t help but love ‘Show Must Go On’ immediately. It really gives off anime opening track vibes, so, we are excited to see all of your edits. ‘Show Must Go On’ has the signature ONF sound, but if you are wondering “There is something different about this one.” The track is about ONF opening up a new chapter and moving on, but they will be back eventually. So, if you hear us listening to ‘Show Must Go On’ on repeat while crying, please don’t mention it.

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If you loved ‘Show Must Go On’ you should check out ‘The Realist’ off of their ONF:MY NAME album, we can picture one being the opening, and the other the end of a show.

Don’t mind us we’re just gonna hang out here for a while.

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So, how are you feeling? What tracks gave you Goosebumps? Tell us in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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