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New Music Weekly: Fletcher And More!

New Music Weekly: Fletcher And More!

It’s that time of the week again! We’re here with everything from pop-perfection to pop-punk, to the newest holiday tracks! This week’s New Music Weekly is sure to bring some incredible tracks into your life!

Maddie Carpenter – ‘Cowboy’
Image Source: Pressed Fresh PR

Stream ‘Cowboy’ here!

Americana meets pop when it comes to newcomer Maddie Carpenter! She’s come out with her newest track, ‘Cowboy,’ and honestly, the track alone is enough to turn anyone into a fan. In a way, ‘Cowboy’ sounds like fall, the music itself feels warm, and Maddie has the most incredibly beautiful voice.

Mayday Parade – What It Means To Fall Apart
Image Source: Rise Records

Stream What It Means To Fall Apart here!

Mayday Parade is longtime a favorite band of ours, this is a forever thing. We are getting exactly the record we needed here with What It Means To Fall Apart. The pop-rock gods have blessed us and we couldn’t be more thankful. We’ve listened through the record at least ten times, ‘Heaven’ is the track we just keep coming back to!

Sunflower Thieves – ‘Sirens’

Image Source: Imprint Music

Stream ‘Sirens’ here!

‘Sirens’ is an indie-folk soaked dream of a song. The track is all about deep connections that we all long for. We hadn’t dove into Sunflower Thieves before ‘Sirens’ but after all it’s added to this week’s New Music Weekly, we’re jumping right in.

Sachi – Breakfast With Ella
image Source: Casablanca Records

Stream Breakfast With Ella here!

SACHI is an electronic duo we’ve been obsessing over for months! We’re so beyond excited that on this week’s New Music Weekly, we get to introduce you to their EP, Breakfast With Ella! The record is jam packed with tracks that prove the duo’s genius, especially ‘Falling Backwards.’

Soda Blonde – I Still Have Feelings For You
Image Source: Velveteen Records

Stream I Still Have Feelings For You here!

Soda Blonde has done something with I Still Have Feelings For You, that we wish more artists did! They took four songs from their debut album, Small Talk, and reimagined them on this beautiful, stripped EP. While we absolutely adore the album on its own, with the seasonal depression hitting, we find ourselves so drawn to this project.

North Ave Jax – ‘Trust Nobody’
Image Source: Interscope Records

Stream ‘Trust Nobody’ here!

We’ve got a record debut!!! North Ave Jax is making his Interscope Records debut with ‘Trust Nobody’ and what an impression he’s made! Everything that is best about the alt-pop, pop-rock genres can be found here in ‘Trust Nobody.’ North Ave Jax is one to watch as we go into 2022!

Carmen DeLeon – ‘Mariposas’
Image Source: Capitol Records

Stream ‘Mariposas’ here!

So many of us can look at ‘Mariposas’ and see a situation we’ve been in before. That feeling that happens when you realize who moves your soul, who seemingly stops time and becomes the focus of your gravity.

For me, the song is addressed to a very special person who started out as a great friend – the one with whom everything felt perfect, that understood without giving many explanations, and knew perfectly how to make me laugh and feel unique and known.

Carmen DeLeon

FLETCHER – ‘Cherry’ ft. Hayley Kiyoko

Image Source: Capitol Records

Stream ‘Cherry’ here!

Obviously, ‘Cherry’ is pop perfection! What else could you expect out of a collaboration between two of the brightest stars in pop music, FLETCHER, and Hayley Kiyoko? The track is just so much fun, definitely going to be a song you hear us singing all the words to anytime you spot is in the near future.

ALESSO – ‘Somebody To Use’
Image Source: UMG Recordings

Stream ‘Somebody To Use’ here!

Alesso has never missed, point blank period. He’s some something with his discography that is rare for artists within the genre he occupies, which is the vulnerability we see in his music. ‘Somebody To Use’ is a whole new spin on the dance music genre, flipping it on its head.

merci, mercy – ‘Winnie Crush (Acoustic)’
Image Source: Capitol Records

Stream ‘Winnie Crush’ here!

If there’s an acoustic version of a song we already loved, it’s ending up on our New Music Weekly roundup. We can not get over what a beautiful voice merci, mercy has. ‘Winnie Crush’ is one of those songs you listen to and become envious of the relationship these artists have with their pen.

Kavinsky – ‘Renegade’

Image Source: Record Makers

Stream ‘Renegade’ here!

Kavinsky is back folks! After taking time off (about 7 years of it!) we’re getting ‘Renegade’ as the comeback single from Kavinsky, and as the first single off of the next album! If you’re familiar with Kavinsky you’ll see glimmers of the sound you know and love, as well as be able to see the immense growth.

Bryce Vine – ‘Empty Bottles’ ft. MOD SUN
Image Source: Sire Records

Stream ‘Empty Bottles’ here!

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Bryce Vine jumping on board the pop-punk train is everything we’ve ever wanted! And to have MOD SUN on the track too?! Talk about a dream scenario! We swear every time we think we can’t love Bryce Vine anymore, the next song he releases is even more of a smash than the one before it.

Josie Proto – Problem Child EP
Image Source: Lucid Publicity

Stream Problem Child here!

It’s official, we’re full-on Josie Proto stans! We loved Problem Child so much that we had to do an entire discography deep-dive, which we would highly recommend. Our favorite track hailing from the EP would have to be the title track, we can’t get enough!

Wilmah – ‘Wait Until Tomorrow’
Image Source: The Architects Entertainment Group

Stream ‘Wait Until Tomorrow’ here!

Screaming the words to ‘Wait Until Tomorrow’ is about to become a daily occurrence. We’ve loved Wilmah for a long while and have loved seeing what they’ve done within the alt-pop genre. We’re just seeing the beginning of how they will break into the scene even more in 2022. Especially if we’re going to get even more jams like ‘Wait Until Tomorrow.’

Crystal Drake – Snowburst

Image Source: Pressed Fresh PR

Stream Snowburst here!

Yes, the holidays are in full swing and we are eating up every moment. Holiday music from Pentatonix to Justin Bieber, has been on a loop. And now we have Crystal Drake coming at us with Snowburst, an all-new Christmas album packed full of songs to get you in the jolliest of moods.

Ida Laurberg – ‘Singing Mars A Lullaby’
Image Source: All Chemistry

Stream ‘Singing Mars A Lullaby’ here!

We can never get enough of artist who use their platform to take on topics like the ones discussed in ‘Singing Mars A Lullaby.’ It’s always been a confusing reality that billionaires use their money and power to do things like travel to space instead of solving real world issues. And Ida agrees, and tackles that confusion beautifully.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song on this week’s New Music Weekly wrap-up? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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