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6 Things We Love About Mino’s To Infinity.

6 Things We Love About Mino’s To Infinity.

Our favorite rapper-producer Mino (Winner) is back with his third full-length album To Infinity., and it’s insane! To Infinity. features a total of ten tracks, all of which are worth diving into. Mino even wrote the lyrics and co-composed all ten songs. We can rave about this comeback forever, so here are six things we love about Mino’s To Infinity.!

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Listen to Mino’s new album here.

The Title Track

‘TANG!♡’ is a super catchy song with a unique concept that only Mino can pull off. This song is about doing almost anything to win over someone’s heart. And the music video for ‘TANG!♡’ has such amazing special effects of Mino playing a virtual reality game. It gets even better the more you listen to it, and we’ll have it stuck in our heads for a while!

All The Verses In ‘Pyramid’

‘Pyramid’ is such a banger! That’s it. That’s the tweet. It features hip-hop artists Gaeko and Lil Boi, and everyone’s verses on this song did not have to go this hard. It’s so easy to bang your head to the beat, and we can only hope to see the three of them perform this live.

MOBB’s Reunion In ‘Language’

Our MOBB heart is crying right now. Mino and Bobby killed us with ‘Language,’ yet another banger clapping back at all the haters. We just can’t handle hearing them rapping together again after so long. This duo truly never disappoints!

The Melody In ‘Muah’

Arguably one of our favorite songs on To Infinity., ‘Muah’ is literally *chef’s kiss.* It’s a suggestive song with an incredibly addictive melody. The synth sounds and drums mix together so well. And the chorus is just as addictive as the instrumental. Mino is showing off his talents as a producer at this point.

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The Emotion In ‘Drunk Talk’ Feat. Sogumm

Mino slows things down for ‘Drunk Talk,’ a gentle acoustic song about being drunk and missing that one person. Mino’s articulation captures such raw emotion, and sogumm’s breathy voice really comes through in the song. It feels like we’re listening to a private and intimate conversation between old lovers.

Sunwoo Jung-a’s Feature In ‘Sad Walk’

‘Sad Walk’ proves that Mino can do any musical genre. We don’t know how he finds the best artists to match his songs because every one of Mino’s songs with a feature on this album is a hit! Sunwoo Jung-a’s voice gives us goosebumps. And the saxophone in the background is perfect!

As always, Mino blows us away with his versatile sound and hard-hitting lyrics. We’re simply in awe of his talents as a rapper, producer, and artist. Mino’s To Infinity. is another one for the books!

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Mino's To Infinity. poster
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