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9 Songs That Prove SHINee Minho’s Vocals Deserve More Appreciation

9 Songs That Prove SHINee Minho’s Vocals Deserve More Appreciation

Hey honey poppers, you guessed it. It’s again time for us to appreciate one of our favorite idols: Choi Minho. Yes, Minho is known for being a talented actor and being a rapper in SHINee. But we think Minho is also a fantastic singer and his vocals are criminally underrated!

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The most astounding part is that Minho sings most of the time outside of his own register to match the other SHINee members’ tones. That alone should give this man all the praise he deserves. So in order to do so, we present to you nine songs that prove Minho’s vocals deserve much more appreciation.

‘I’m Home’

Of course, we have to start off with Minho’s one and only solo song (so far), ‘I’m Home!’ The pre-enlistment gift has accompanied us through the past three years, and each time we listen to it, Minho’s soft vocals blow us away. Because unlike what you’d expect a group’s rapper to do, Minho gave us a beautiful balled with ‘I’m Home.’

‘Beautiful Life’

There have only been a handful of times SHINee graced fans with the live version of this b-side from their 2016 1and1 album. But once they did, we got to hear all of the members’ vocals live, and boy did they not disappoint! Especially Minho’s part “You, who were like the dazzling weather / Your bright face / They are now parts of old memories / Saying I have one wish” during the first verse showcases his smooth and soft vocals. 

‘The Reason’

No, there won’t be an opportunity where we won’t mention this Sherlock b-side! ‘The Reason’ is a gift that keeps on giving, and SHINee ballads do hit differently in general. While we gave up hope to ever hear this song live again, it is still a perfect example of how beautifully Minho can sing in harmony with his members.

‘Colors Of The Season’

It’s time for us to include a Japanese SHINee song to prove our point further. ‘Colors Of The Season’ is super special to all of us in the SHINee World. Japanese ballads tend to make us feel extra emotional, and this one has a way to calm you right down after a stressful day. And, of course, Minho gets his moment to show off his stunning vocals! 


Ah yes, the forgotten child. It always feels like ‘Countless’ is being robbed when it comes to SHINee titles, even if it was the title for the repackaged version of The Story Of Light. But maybe we were all too preoccupied dealing with SHINee’s enlistment. Still, this song gives us some of the most beautiful vocal moments by Minho. Him leading that pre-chorus? Breathtaking! 

‘If You Love Her’

Well, we for sure love her! ‘If You Love Her’ is an absolute gem of a song. This soft piano ballad has helped us fall asleep through ‘Countless’ nights of insomnia. All of the SHINee members get to flex their perfect vocals here, but Minho absolutely steals the show again with his lines before Jonghyun just kills it with the adlibs. 


It’s time to give an example from SHINee’s more recent music. ‘Kind’ is the beautiful ballad from SHINee’s Don’t Call Me album. And even if it includes some aesthetically used voice alterations, you can still tell how wonderfully Minho sings his lines, even if he does so in a lower tone. Can this man sing to us for the rest of our lives, please? 

‘Our Page’

We know this song is a very sensitive one for Shawols, and if you aren’t able to watch the music video for this or haven’t even been able to listen to this song yet, don’t worry, we understand, we have been there. Still, we can’t deny the beauty of everyone’s vocals during this raw and emotional song. Especially Minho’s part during ‘Our Page’ brings us to tears every single time.

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‘An Encore’

We are pretty sure this has to be one of Shawols’ and even SHINee’s favorite songs in their discography. ‘An Encore’ never gets old, and it will always take our breath away when it comes to SHINee’s harmonies. Honestly, there isn’t a song that compares to this one, and Minho absolutely kills his lines yet again.

In conclusion, Minho is just one of five all-rounders in the group and his vocals deserve all the love. What’s your favorite Minho vocal moment? What’s your favorite SHINee song? Are you ready to appreciate Minho’s vocals? Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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  • Thank you for the great write-up! Love Minho’s voice in heartbreak, i’m home, kiss kiss kiss, area, kind, dear name, love should go on, atlantis, superstar, aside, sleepless night and many more.

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