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Our Five Favorite Lyrics From Khalid’s Scenic Drive Tape

Our Five Favorite Lyrics From Khalid’s Scenic Drive Tape

December usually tends to be cold and gloomy, but Khalid is bringing some warm vibes in with his latest project: the Scenic Drive tape! Over the course of nine tracks, Khalid recruits artists including Alicia Keys, JID, and Ari Lennox to explore topics like tumultuous romance and the vibes of late-night drives. Part of what makes the project so exciting is its lyrics, and we’re about to dive right into some of the best lines! So sit back and relax as we go on a Scenic Drive of our own. 

“Thank you for tuning in to Scenic Drive, we’re here tonight to provide the vibes…”

Alicia Keys’ contribution to the tape’s intro is the perfect way to set the scene for the project! It welcomes fans to the tape and signals that Scenic Drive will be just the chill soundtrack you need for a relaxing night at home or with friends.

“Cruise around town, ride on autopilot…”

We’re still not over the project’s lead single, ‘Present,’ but especially this lyric! It seems simple, but “ride on autopilot” conveys a sense of routine and familiarity. It shows how comfortable Khalid is with not only the town he’s used to but also the lover he’s talking about. 

“All I feel is rain when you creep out in the night…”

One of the more emotional songs on the tape, ‘All I Feel Is Rain’ likens sadness to gloomy weather, and we love the stormy metaphor throughout the song. It’s such a clever way to describe dark feelings that anyone can relate to.

“So when you’re layin’ in your bed playin’ my songs, can we share the thoughts that you keep?”

The day has finally come where we have a collab between Khalid and Kiana Ledé! ‘Voicemail’ is a misleadingly bright-sounding track about a lover sending mixed signals. This line is one of our favorites because “playin’ my songs” shows how much of an impact Khalid and Kiana have had on their crushes, whether the crush will admit it or not. We also love that even if you’re not a musician yourself, you can consider “my songs” a reference to a playlist or songs you recommend to someone.

“Have I seen you in another life? It’s like I met you before…”

The idea of knowing a lover from a past life isn’t new, but it’s so compelling on Khalid’s ‘Open!’ It’s especially poignant after ‘Voicemail,’ a song all about not knowing how your partner feels. On ‘Open,’ it’s obvious that Khalid, featured duo Majid Jordan, and their significant others know (and celebrate) how strong their connections are.

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