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We’re Not BLUE Now That LUCY Is Back

We’re Not BLUE Now That LUCY Is Back

LUCY is back, and this time they’ve blessed us with their second EP: BLUE. To make it simple, this EP is a masterpiece, and everyone needs to listen to it at least once in their lives. Every single song in this release is simply hauntingly beautiful. BLUE might not only be LUCY‘s best release to date but one of the best releases in K-Pop in general in 2021. 

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‘Rolling Rolling’

The title track, ‘Rolling Rolling,’ really sets itself apart from their previous comeback with ‘I Got U.’ With seemingly gloomy lyrics, it has a somewhat hopeful and optimistic undertone that fits the uplifting instrumental of the song perfectly. As they sing about wanting to go back to a better time when they would look forward to the next day, the song feels extremely relatable and comforting. And even though it implies being in a rough patch, it also shines a light in hoping for better days.

The music video shows exactly what you get in the song. It portrays people breaking away from their repetitive and depressing routine to find some kind of peace. It has an amazing aesthetic as well, with mostly blue lightning. ‘Rolling Rolling’ is by far one of their best releases yet, and along with the entire BLUE EP, it truly feels like LUCY know exactly who they are and what they’re doing.


The second track in BLUE is the most uplifting song in the whole EP. ‘You’re Right’ goes towards a more rock sound and the way the guitar and the violin work together is simply excellent. And that instrumental during the bridge is mind-blowing.

‘Eclipse,’ however, is a more chill, laid-back track. And this is when you start crying. The more acoustic track talks about not being able to be in the same place at the same time as someone they love. It has some beautiful and heartbreaking metaphors with the stars and the moon. And talking about heartbreak: the fourth song in BLUE is ‘Dream.’ This is also a more chill song that would simply be perfect for a movie. The instrumental is more subtle but still as beautiful – if not even more. ‘Dream’ almost feels like a lullaby, and its lyrics are heartbreaking in every way possible.

‘Hug’ picks up the rhythm a bit more in the EP after those two more chill songs, and yet the transition feels so natural. It is the perfect pop-rock song with a lot of influence from indie music. And no pun intended but this song literally feels like a hug.

BLUE ends with another heartbreakingly beautiful song: Sequel,’ the lyrics compare a lost love with a movie. It has that LUCY feel we love with the violin and everything building up into this beautiful, mind-blowing song. It is the perfect way to wrap up such a beautiful and perfect EP.

If you’re looking for soft, comforting, beautiful music, BLUE is for you.

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Image Source: MYSTIC STORY

What are your thoughts on ‘Rolling Rolling?’ What’s your favorite track on BLUE? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: MYSTIC STORY

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