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Singles We Need To Push For SEVENTEEN

Singles We Need To Push For SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN have had quite the year, venturing out more to Western audiences, releasing track after track, and also surprising Carats with solos and duets! And now, SEVENTEEN has been announced as the first K-Pop act to be a part of MTV’s Global PUSH Artist, which is extremely cool!

This means we will be seeing exclusive performances, interviews, and content from the group, which is always exciting, and very beneficial to them. So in honor of that, we thought, new fans may not know about their solos and duets they have released this year, so what better time to introduce them to the glorious talent than now?

Where should we start?

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Yes, we have talked about ‘Bittersweet’ when it was initially released, but we are going to talk about it again. The track is a song released by Mingyu, Wonwoo and features, the talented LeeHi. The storyline follows a love triangle that will either make or break a friendship. It is filled with drama, which if you had the chance of watching any live version of ‘Bittersweet’ you can feel the angst through the screens! This track helped kick off the Power of Love project.


There are many things we can say about ‘Spider,’ but the athleticism and vocals Hoshi showed us in this track, whew. Much like Hoshi, we find ourselves listening to it every day ever since its initial release. The track has a very sexy feel to it, and if we ever happen to possibly, get an ot13 of it, we really wouldn’t know how to react. For our full review of ‘Spider,’ click here.

‘Side By Side’

As soon as the song opened, we were instantly pulled in. ‘Side By Side,’ luckily for us, has two different versions you can obsess over, the Korean and Chinese versions. Both are equally as good, as the backtrack is filled with old pop and jazz sounds. Come on the piano breakdown is so good and it tickles a certain part in our brains. THE 8 really showed up and showed out in this solo, plus the MV is cute!

‘Bands Boy’

Vernon ventured into more of the style of ‘Game Boy,’ as he shows off with ‘Bands Boy.’ This track has a hyper pop sound to it, which was very expecting of him as he has mentioned numerous times before of his liking of artists such as Charli XCX. Vernon had teased releasing a mixtape but Carats never got a date, so this was very much a surprise drop. He might have word dropped, bitcoin, the word daddy, and also the part that gets us “10 years we’ve been bros.”

‘Silent Boarding Gate’

‘Silent Boarding Gate’ is Jun’s third digital single/album. Silent Boarding Gate (album), also included previously released, ‘Crow.’ The project is in Chinese, and Jun gets to flaunt his lovely soft vocals. They have a soft whimsical sound to them, eventually having build-ups with some really nice instrumentals. We honestly can’t wait to hear Jun performing either track live, so please put it on the setlist SVT!


Apart from ‘Bands Boy,’ ‘Dream’ was recently released in September, and our question is, what does SEVENTEEN have against us? How can they continue to surprise release bop after bop? ‘Dream’ is a solo by Jeonghan, who had a hand in the lyrics and composition. Are we surprised? He’s a part of the “self-producing idols.” As lovely as he is, ‘Dream’ we think, is a perfect representative of how he is on stage. We can’t express our love for Jeonghan’s vocals enough, we want more solos!

And for fun….

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‘Horanghae Power’

We’re sorry but there was no way we weren’t going to include it. ‘Horanghae Power’ or ‘Tiger Power’ was a fun track released by Hoshi back in June, and we honestly haven’t stopped listening to it. It caught everyone very much off guard, as it was about the thing he cherishes the most…being SEVENTEEN’s residential self-named tiger. He was able to perform it during one of their recent concerts, and let us tell you the dance and performance were super cute, we couldn’t stop smiling.

What wasn’t included was OST’s, which, if you want to check out, we suggest you go and listen to ‘Warrior’ by Joshua, Jun, Mingyu, THE 8, and Vernon. The club sound and high vocals will just reel you in. We also know there will be more solos released in the upcoming year, as we got sneak peeks during their Power of Love concerts. We’re looking at you Dino.

Gif Source: Tenor

What were your favorite releases from SEVENTEEN this year? Are you excited to see what content they and MTV will be pushing out? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

Need more SEVENTEEN? We’ve got you covered!


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